Jan. 23rd, 2012

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Have you guys checked out the article LJ is proudly displaying on the homepage yet? Because you really should, and then you should check out the comments on the post.

I am an extremely loyal person. I actually liked the comment page changes; perhaps because I use Chrome now, I have no problems with LJ loading. Posting from my iPhone is mildly problematic, but it's nothing a little patience and copy/pasting from the Notes ap doesn't fix. Seriously, even the DDOS attacks I didn't mind. It's probably not surprising, but I viewed the attacks as a testament to free speech; kind of like we were standing with the Russians at whom the attacks were actually directed. I thought it was kind of cool to experience their political process all the way in Texas with you guys all across the world, despite the minor annoyance of no LJ for a little while. And LJ was always cool about it, too, extending my membership for the length of the attacks. It hadn't even crossed my mind, to be honest. Prior to this article, the ONLY reason I was considering DreamWidth at all was because some of you have moved over there, and I was only considering it as being supplemental to LJ, not the other way around.

I have to say though that this article has changed my mind. It's a combination of three factors:
1) The stated intention to make LJ more like Facebook. You guys already know how much I hate FB.
2) The article's undisputed claim that LJ flat out does not care about its current loyal American customers or their feelings on the new direction.
3) LJ's decision to proudly display and link to the article with such a statement and make no comments regarding it. It's that tacit approval that hurts the most.

I know this LJ is not the LJ I originally joined, and to that end, I'm not really this new LJ's loyal customer. I'm the old LJ's loyal customer, and I guess it took this post for me to see that.

On the post, I left a comment that expressed my loyalty and the fact that I'd just renewed my account in November. For that reason, and because I'm a loyal and patient person, I intend to remain here for that account to expire. I sincerely hope they respond appropriately to this latest blunder between now and then, because I do not want to make the decision to leave LJ. - If even one of you guys is still here and not at DW, I'll keep my account, but not in a paid capacity.

Someone made the comment that they had been regretting renewing their account but now felt embarrassed. I have to say that I kind of concur. More than that, I feel embarrassed for being such a fan of LJ. That, I think, expresses more than anything the screwed up nature of this PR move. Because I brag about LJ being a superior social networking site.

Facebook is about "friends" as commodities, Twitter an expression of society's shrinking attention span, Tumblr a site that feels like it somehow clawed its way from the depths of MySpace, MySpace a site that is the embodiment of superficiality, and Google Plus is as pathetic a social networking service as gmail is an e-mail service. Networking may actually describe what these other sites accomplish: loose acquaintances that you may be able to use in some capacity down the line. Networking is the number one thing I hate about working in corporate America, because the relationships are all about what you can squeeze out of them. But LJ? I think it's safe to say that we've all made lasting relationships through the communal, expressive environment that LJ has created. Even if some those relationships are in the past tense now, unless you currently know those people on Facebook, I bet they were more meaningful than your friendships with your other 250 "friends." It's true that the real reason I love LJ is because of the people I've met here and the communities I'm a part of, but it's also true that LJ is responsible for all of us being here. That's why I'm so loyal to this site, why I'm so reluctant to leave. But I cannot and will not support a company that doesn't value scores of users like myself and proudly declares it. I hope and pray they make some sort of apology or reversal, but I have to admit that I doubt it will come.

Anyway. I've said my piece. I'll be making the DW account shortly. Since it will be a new account, I'm seriously considering changing my name. I may not, though. I've been Patriot Jackie for years; it feels pretty natural to me.

Also, the next time I buy a Starbucks drink at 9:30pm, I will drink it all right then rather than sipping on it through midnight. That was apparently not a good idea.....

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Jan. 23rd, 2012 11:33 am
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Suffice it to say by my post over at LJ, I am thoroughly impressed with DW. I really, really, REALLY wish I'd come here sooner. I can't wait until I upgrade to a paid account!
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Dude. I have a free account, and I can customize it out the wazoo WITHOUT having to use CSS. All colors, all headers, images INSIDE the page, header images - all WITHOUT CSS! And if I do want to get into the CSS, I can do stuff like add fonts!!

Thus far, the only thing I can't do is have a custom mood theme! And that's going to change when I upgrade to the paid.

Suffice it to say that it's going to take me a while to get my page set. I have to create a new banner...

So it's messy at the moment, but my new journal over at DW is fantastic_jackie. I decided to get rid of the Patriot because I'm extremely frustrated with politics, and I no longer want to be defined by them. I will probably change my name here eventually, too.

The Fantastic stands for four things: Fantasy, aka writing/reading, FANdom, being a fantastic gamer (it's an overstatement), and just being a fantastic person - again, an overstatement, because I actually think I'm rather average and plain. :) I feel like the form of overstated humor describes me better than the hastily chosen political name I've had these last few years.

As a serious note to anyone who isn't thinking about DW, check it out and give it a chance. LJ has stagnated; DW is genuinely a better site with regards to technical stuff. On a friends level, of course LJ has the edge because you guys are here. But seriously, do you remember how much customization LJ used to have? Imagine getting all that back and more. Plus you can stay connected to LJ through crossposts and feeds. I say this strictly as a customer comparing two products: like when I chose to go with the iPhone through AT&T and not Verizon, it's simply the better product.


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