Apr. 3rd, 2012

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I'm right in the center of all this crazy weather in Texas: multiple twisters are on the ground in the DFW area.

Sissy and I were driving to work, remarking on how pretty the sky was. It was then that I noticed how still the air was: not a leaf was moving. As I had Sissy check the weather on my phone, suddenly everyone started braking dramatically.

Leaves and branches covered the road and cars on both sides of the freeway were stopped. As hail began to pelt us, I turned on the radio: a tornado was on the ground in Dallas and heavy hail in Arlington. Traffic was extremely slow moving, no one sure whether to drive, pull off, or turn around.

We were driving through Arlington when the sirens came on.

It was at this point that I decided to turn around. I know you never try to outrun a tornado, but pulling off to the side of the road to duck and cover in a ditch has never seemed safe to me. We took I-20 to Business 287: not even ten minutes later, a tornado was reported to have formed at that very spot.

Driving through Kennedale, we saw some damage from the twister that hit them. We're back home now; the tornado warning in Arlington - which we have to drive through to get to work - ends at 2:15. However, the line of storms extends throughout our route to work. I don't know if it will be safe to drive up that way or not...

To all my DFW buddies: STAY SAFE!!!

ETA: A new storm has formed just southwest of us and is heading straight towards us. THe clouds are getting darker, the air stiller, and there's a continuous rumble of thunder above. All animals have been relocated to the bathroom, excessive appliances unplugged, windows unlocked to be flung open, and I'm about to move the mattress in there just in case.

I'm no longer enthralled. I'm genuinely nervous...


Apr. 3rd, 2012 07:27 pm
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Sorry guys! Things happened quickly, so I didn't have time to update before leaving for work!

Everyone is okay, though as out happened, all of my family members were in the thick of it - from Arlington all the way to Addison. I'll update in more detail after work tonight; my bro had a twister pass over him at UTA!! Lots of story to tell. No twisters struck home, thankfully. Many thanks for all the concern and prayers!


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