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Uh... I don't mean to spam you guys on this issue, but how appropriate is my last post in light of this article from Kotaku?

Sources: The next X-Box may not play used games

I'm trying not to explode here.

As these are rumors, details are non-existent. Microsoft released a statement that effectively communicated, Maybe the rumors are true.............

The Kotaku theory of how Microsoft would achieve this limiting feature is that gamers would register their particular game to their particular X-Box. Then only your X-Box would be able to utilize that game disc. Peeps, what we have here is the end of used games and borrowing games from friends. No more bringing your game to your buddy's house, no more joint endeavors to purchase games together, no more cheap used games from your chosen retailer.

Now theoretically, Kotaku also speculates that gamers could potentially overcome this feature by not connecting their console online. First of all, that would kill the best part of most X-Box games: multiplayer. Secondly, I don't see why such a feature would have to be limited by X-Box online connectivity. That could easily be a feature that wouldn't require any sort of online account or access.

With this being the possible case, it also brings to mind the Cloud model they just released: doesn't it all make sense now? I wondered what the point would be of saving your games to a Cloud. How many people actually play their games at others' houses? I know that when we have gamer buddies over, unless they bring over their hard drive, they just play on guest accounts or our profiles.

True, the cloud model makes it so that 360 users can benefit from it even now. But think of how much more important a cloud saving model would be if your game discs can only be played from your X-Box. I have to imagine that if this would be the case for games, it would also be the case for memory. Will it include controllers, too? So... What if you do go to a friend's house? What if your X-Box dies? What if you have multiple X-Boxes? If Microsoft aims to limit the usability of their products, suddenly the Cloud becomes very important.

Now out of all of the "Big Hollywood" industries, gaming makes the most sense to be going this direction. I still hate it, and I sincerely hope that it's not true. Otherwise, I'll have to leave X-Box behind, as much as I adore it, and hope that Sony and Nintendo will choose instead to dismiss the idea as a serious flaw in their competitor's product.

This would effectively mean the deaths of companies like GameStop and GameFly. - Well, at least from the X-Box side. I haven't seen anything about Sony or Nintendo pursuing this model, but we all know that it would only take one for them all to follow suit.
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