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After a hectic week, I need to catch up on entries & comments, but I openly admit to being distracted atm: As promised, Halo 4 goodness!

^ More information on the new game can be found here. Game Informer got so much information from 343 about Halo 4 that it couldn't fit in one article. They indicated that they'll be releasing more info about the game on that site, and already you can learn more about Halo 4's new composer, read a brief article comparing Halo 4 to Halo 3, and watch a short interview with Frank O'Connor.

On Requiem - The new campaign )

The next generation of multiplayer: beam me aboard the Infinity! )

All in all, despite my reservations over the characters of Chief & Cortana, I think I'm willing to give 343 the benefit of the doubt. Making the Chief more human is a gargantuan task, but I have to say... I mean, looking at all the stuff they're doing, all the energy and care they're devoting to the other aspects of the game -As expected from Halo CE: Anniversary, the screen captures look stunning- I really think that Halo is in good hands.

There were aspects of the original Bungie Halo story arc that made me angry -such as humans teaming up with the Covenant despite the Arbiter's (one-off) story- and I imagine that 343 may do the same. But I'm admittedly a fan of fairy tales and happy endings: I expect a few disappointments in a war-torn sci-fi epic story. So I don't know if 343 will be able to pull of John's & Cortana's humanity, but I'm not gonna worry anymore. I think they've done enough to demonstrate that they deserve our support rather than fear and skepticism.


Apr. 11th, 2012 01:01 am
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Came home from a long day of work and fidgeting in anticipation over reading more of The Lost Hero to this:


10 pages of Halo 4! I shall report back what I learn! :D

ETA: Oh dear fuzzy. I think... I think I'm gonna die of happiness! Premature, maybe, but I can't help it: 343, I BELIEVE IN YOU!!!

I solemnly swear to attempt a more coherent post in the morning.
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Oho! It's happened! It's finally happened!

Yesterday, Kaitlin, otherwise known as Kidd or little sis, extreme fan of Twilight and other such romance novels, officially became a Halo fan! It was GLORIOUS!

She's been playing through the CE Anniversary campaign, and then yesterday, Sissy and I escorted her through much of Reach's campaign. Along the way, she wanted to know everything about the story as she became increasingly adept at the controls! It couldn't have been better timed either, as we have all been harping on her to increase her video game skills as she's a new driver and needs to greatly increase her spacial awareness.

Of course, the best part is that at long, long last, she understands Halo like her older three siblings! For so long, she just didn't get it, and now, she asks to play! Our new favorite pastime is to play multiplayer with all four of us. It's always Bubby or I who win, but Kidd and Sissy get some pretty sick kills and steals!

Ahh... I feel like I've accomplished something profound. I'd say my work is done, but with Halo? No... No, I pray that my Halo days are never over!
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If you've ever entered the gaming community even casually, you will have undoubtedly have run into Clans.

Gaming Clans are, you could say, the gaming equivalent of LJ writing or art or icon comms. ... Except they're a little more...obsessive.

Long story short, I was playing with my friend last night, and we came up against this team whose gamertags all began with "PMS." We lost the game, because our other two teammates sucked and died something like 20 times with no kills before quitting. I, however, killed them 27 times. Johnathan got another 10 or so. We lost by 5 only because time ran out.

Now the language was what was so hilarious throughout - aside from the fact that they couldn't kill me, I mean. Oh, they were definitely girls and they hated me. "&@$!!! She just killed me AGAIN!" As much as I love bruising the boys' egos in gameplay, if there's another girl on the field, well... I need to prove myself to be the best of us!

After the game, I received a message inviting me to their PMS Clan. With no intention whatsoever of joining, I checked out their site... and laughed myself silly!

Trust me, guys: my obsession with video games is just a mild attraction compared to them!

The funniest part of this whole thing though? I recognized several of the gamertags on that site. While all of them certainly were not pushovers when I played them online, most of them were, shall we say, below my skill level. -At least in the games we played; there definitely are curves we all go through.

I dunno. I was amused; I certainly don't need to engage in 4-hr a week monitored practices to hand their controllers to them on a platter. Lol I'm not even sure what their purpose is in it all. So much structure... Gaming is stress relief and flat out fun. Clans pollute that purpose with their rules and structures. Like assigned essays.

... [ profile] trevelyanl85a2 and [ profile] shyrstyne are probably the only two who can follow this post, huh? I need more gamer buddies!!
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^Title here? Best. Compliment. EVAR!


Cut to nerdly talk regarding Sniping OWNAGE! and a really funny kid on X-Box Live. )

We got a new X-Box today; the old one, a limited edition Halo 3 console, is on its last legs. It has a very difficult time reading discs, and the fan is very loud. It lasted for 3.5 years, which is longer than many laptops and top-of-the-line cell phones today, so I'm not too broken hearted.

So we went up to the Base and got it tax free with the Kinect. DIE DIE DIE Wii! I'm not so into the whole motion sensor video game fad, but at least it doesn't need a bajillion attachments and new controller for every new lame cooking game released. DIE Wii DIE!

It actually doesn't need any controllers at all. Uses voice activation, compatable with Skype... MUCH better graphics... The weakest point I've seen discussed is that it's camera technology, but it doesn't seem to be a drawback to me. Actually, Microsoft has a lot of big plans using Kinect technology. I read that they were going to carry it beyond video games, to use with desktops, laptops, TV, and more. So at the very least, I figure that I might as well become acquianted with the tech. And maybe I'll enjoy it... I'll probably enjoy it a lot more once they can get some good shooter games on it!


Jan. 21st, 2011 03:27 am
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I can't sleep. The pain pills aren't working, and I can't take anything more in preparation for the surgery tomorrow. Today.

Ugh. It's almost over.

Mostly, I'm playing Halo: Reach just to keep myself entertained and distracted. However, Ter and I played this awesome game together wherein we completely obliterated the other team.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Halo, the goal of the following game is to reach 50 kills first as a team. As soon as the 50th kill is reached, the game ends.

But occasionally, a multikill will take the score over 50. Like how Ter and I killed the entire Blue Team at once with 49 kills already racked up. The end result? 53-13.

But here's what I really want to show y'all, because I am greatly amused, but I can't laugh. So y'all must laugh for me! Check out this screenshot of the explosion!

Heat of the Moment

Pffft! What are they doing?!! XDDDD


Dec. 22nd, 2010 01:34 am
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FREE for the next 5 days - NO WORK! \o/

It's been a rough year, and I actually had customers tonight indignant that I would actually have time off for the holidays, but HA! I totally DO, suckas! And there ain't nothin' they can do about it! XD

Tonight, I shall play much Halo: Reach. Tomorrow, I'm finally getting my hair done. (Ugh... This is actually a bad thing. I hate how long it takes and the allergic reaction I have to simply stepping foot inside a salon. Not to mention it's freaking expensive, and did I mention how long it takes?)

The Christmas shopping is all done; I only have a few more to wrap. Ter and I anticipate devoting some time to attempting some sort of new food. We're thinking Chicken Parmigiana... Any suggestions? I have a feeling many of you are very good chefs.

I think I'm gonna see Megamind for a third time on Thursday, but only if I can find it in 3D, because I haven't seen it that way yet. There's also the point of writings that need to be finished by Christmas Eve: I have been working diligently!

Anyway. Halo is calling my name... I think I'll play some Invasion! and Invasion Slayer! for maximum ownage.
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Come on.... Come ON!!!

It's May 3 on the East Coast! Been May 3 in Asia for hours now! But we have to wait until late morning May 3 California time??? -^o^- I wanna play the Beta!!

I am, of course, referring to the Halo Reach Beta. It was announced months ago before even ODST was released. And it looks so AMAZING! I want to play! I have to work overtime tomorrow! ;_; I won't be home during "late morning California time!" IT'S NOT FAIR!

Of course, the even worse wait is for Friday. Well... not worse, because this sucks, but longer. Definitely longer. Ugh. I have been waiting for Iron Man 2 since I saw Iron Man the first time in theaters! I don't know if I can wait until Friday!

I do know one thing, though: This weekend is going to be totally SWEET. Ter and I have so dubbed it "The Perfect Weekend."

Why is it still Sunday?
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The Previous entry is public now, fyi. I wasn't able to submit it to the contest because they randomly ended it at the end of last month. ;_; It had been a weekly competition...

Star Trek comes out today!!! \o/ It will be one of the few movies I buy on iTunes!

Also, X-Box is going through some cool beans updates that will, among other things, include some pretty sweet Zune and Zune Marketplace connectivity features. I just can't see the whole renting my music thing; I'd be interested in a Zune otherwise. But Ter loves it, so it'll be cool to mess with it. Currently it's going through the update.

I rendered a new video from Halo 3 the other day - a short clip of a somewhat frenzied triple kill.

Video behind cut )

I'm so excited! Bungie has finally released the ability to buy render minutes! - This means I can render more video than just 60 seconds or less. My favorite clips are a little longer than that.

Moving on from video games, it's finally cold in Texas! I dunno how long it will stay that way, though. Weather here has been crazy this year! It's like everything is a month or two off. We were still in the 40's and 50's in May, but then while we were still in the 70's and 80's in November, other places across the US were reporting the 3rd coldest October in recorded history. O_o We've had a ton of rain this year, but no tornadoes. What? WHAT?!

Texas, my sweet Texas, what's up with that? >.> It had better be cold for Thanksgiving and Christmas; that's all I have to say.

Well okay, I'd also like to request a snow day. If not on December 24 to give us a free day off, then some time in January. I mean, this year has been wacky, so if ever there was a year to have a blizzard on Christmas Eve, this is it; we Texans will completely understand, even if it ruins Christmas Eve shopping! We won't even complain about the snow still being here until the 26th! - That's an extra full day, you know, Texas. You know well how we are about snow lasting more than 24 hours... We can all benefit from this. - So uh... Yeah. Snow on Christmas Eve. With lots of ice on the roads. Lots of ice. >.> Or my job will still call me in. Please and thank you. -- Much Love, Jackie of Texas

Starbucks has the Peppermint Mocha back! \o/ Only they say it's here to stay!! Year 'round Peppermint Mocha frappuccinos! Also Smoothie King has their Pumpkin, Peppermint Chocolate, Peppermint, and Eggnog smoothies back until the end of this year! AND Seattle's Best has an amazing Pepperment Mocha Trio - ohhh it's so tasty hot. I haven't tried their gingerbread or sugar and spice yet, but... Oh, look at them:

Tasty Yummies

Yeah. Who needs to EAT things this holiday season to gain poundage when you can drink yourself there?

GASP! O_O I just remembered. Mom made pumpkin pie last night! *is gone*


Sep. 5th, 2009 11:38 pm
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I became a Bungie Pro member today because I wanted to be able to upload my best clips online. For a mere $0.78 a month, I get to upload my best kills so I can share them! :D

This is the one I've uploaded thus far. (You can only upload one HD video or 5 regular videos per month without additional charges...of like a dollar.) I've titled it Lucky #4.

Couple things to explain for non-Halo peeps:
1) The weapon I'm using is the famed Battle Rifle or BR that I'm always talking about. It's my favorite. :)
2) The blue thing I threw there is a Plasma or "Sticky" grenade.
3) The "Bulltrue" medal that popped up in the corner means that I killed an enemy while he was charging me with an energy sword, which kills instantly in one strike.
4) Alas, I could not save my teammate from being killed. But I avenged his death!!
5) Last enemy is wielding the all-powerful sniper rifle. It can kill in one hit depending on where the shot lands.
6) Double Kills occur when you kill 2 opponents within 4 seconds. Pretty easy to get.

I got some cool screenshots today, too. This one is me getting a "No-Scope" Head Shot on my opponent. (No-Scope means killing with the Sniper Rifle without zooming in; very difficult!!!!)

It wasn't at all as still as it appears in this image as he was shooting me, too! ;)


Apr. 13th, 2007 09:57 pm
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I made it to the second round!! XDXD And then I died faster than plate of fresh cookies. XD

There were over 80 people who participated, though! @_@ And two of them were ranked 39 & 44 on X-Box Live. O_O;;;;;; Yeah, I wasn't gonna win. XD

I'm happy I made it to the second round, though. :) That was my goal. ^_^ I think my best death was when I turned a corner and got a shotgun to the face. XDXD I was all, "Oh, SNAP! Moose cannon!!" ^^

O.o You know what sucked, though? They were all seriously like, "GET THE GIRL!!!" every time I turned around. Like everyone concentrated their fire on ME! ;_; They'd stop what they were doing just to kill Jack-Jack. T.T Boys are mean.

I had a lot of fun, though. ^_^ It was nice to play in a tournament again, even if I did suck horribly. ^^;; - Especially since I used to win these things, only being in the top 40 isn't so stellar. But I haven't played in forever, so... 

I don't know that I really care to get that good again, though. Really, my big thing that I want to focus on is writing; I can't see myself spending too much time in front of Halo even when I do have a console again.

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o.o I have to start getting ready soon for the tournament tonight. o_o I'm nervous.

I went to Virgin yesterday and played H2 on the 360 for about 2 1/2 hours. Oh dear fuzzy, I'm so rusty. O_O;;;; I can move and I was playing on Heroic, but I died three times. O_O;; Like, I NEVER die on Heroic. Ever! Unless I want to... 

After a little while, the gameplay became slow to me, which is how Heroic is supposed to be, and I went on to X-Box Live. O_O;;;;; Yeah, I died. First round, which was only snipers, I got 2 kills. Second round, which was on one of my worst maps, I only got 4 kills. O_= Some of the people were really good, but most of them were not. My average life was 18 seconds.

So yeah, I'm gonna die first round tonight. ^^;; I'm not sure why I'm going... I guess I just wanna play and actually see that I die first strand.

Wish me luck! Hopefully, I'll be able to kill half as much as I'm killed!!! ^^;;;;;


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