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Welcome to my Master Fic Index. Below, everything is organized into separate indexes for each fandom. The fics are arranged in the chronological order in which they were posted. Each fic sports its rating, genre, word count, date of publication, and a (in most cases new) descriptive summary.

Considering how long it took to do this all at once, I'll be keeping this constantly up-to-date!

And as always, thanks for reading! :)

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Boys' Night In
G - Humor - 800 Words - 11.25.2010
In the Flashfic Meme at [ profile] megamind_movie, there was a request for Megamind rocking out. Roxanne comes over unannounced, and discovers a little-known secret about a particular hobby of the city's new heroic alien duo...

Seismic Shift
PG - Action/Romance/Humor - 10000ish Words - Public Release: 02.17.2011
It’s been a month since the defeat of Tighten, and Metro City is recognizing its new hero by rededicating the city museum to Megamind, which opens on the morrow. But Megamind, still haunted by lifelong experiences of rejection, can’t let go of his disguises for fear of being ostracized yet again. As Roxanne struggles to convince him otherwise, a new villain appears, ready to drag Megamind back into his past life of crime or recklessly propel him forward into the role of a hero bent on revenge…
PDF @ ScribdText Only @ LJWord Count
Chapter 1Chapter 13000 Words
Chapter 2Chapter 23800 Words
Chapter 3Chapter 34000 Words
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PG-13 - Action/Adventure/Hurt/Comfort/Angst/Romance - 2,651 Words - 12.16.2007
Written from Sam’s POV. In a mission that is not as it seems, things don’t go as they were supposed to have. Sam finds she’s in desperate need to give something a little more attention.

S/J Squared: Christmas Style
PG - Romantic Comedy - 5,406 Words - 12.22.2007
When Jack has no plans for the holidays, Sam invites him to join her and Dad for a quiet Christmas at the Tok'ra base. Not much of a plot here, but lots of fun with the characters. Written for Shipmas 2007.

Kinsey's Last Stand - Complete
PG-13 - Romantic Comedy/Drama - 7,661 Words - 01.06.2008
Senator Kinsey attempts to break up SG1 by bringing up certain regulations that solely apply to the only 2 USAF officers of the team. When he starts presenting evidence, chances seem bleak except that Jack seemingly has something up his sleeve. 
Part 1 | Part 2 | Epilogue

Moving Forward
PG-13 - Romance/Drama - 4,781 Words - 01.27.2008
Sam makes a surprise visit, hoping to sort things out between herself and a certain General, but she's not even sure of what she wants from him. Another “how they got together” fic.

Thirteen Days
PG-13 - Angst/Romance - 3,545 Words - 02.09.2008
Sam is trying to cope after Jack was killed in a mission off world thirteen days ago. But is he really dead? NO! Of course not! This was written for Valenship, people! Can't have deathfics for Valenship! Oh, but angst? Plenty of sad, shippy angst.

PG-13 - Romantic Comedy/TeamFic - 8085 Words - 07.31.2008
Stand alone oneshot. The promised prequel to Moving Forward. Things are changing at the SGC for SG-1, an era coming to an end. While the two military members of the team struggle awkwardly to adjust, Daniel and Teal’c do their best to accommodate and foster the needed shift in dynamic between them.

The Opportune Moments - WIP
G - Humor and Romance - 3080 Words - 09.25.2008 - Last Updated 09.26.2008, Opportunity 1
While commanding the city of Atlantis, Sam's strange dreams lead her to request Jack to regale the events that unfolded during the time loops. As a way to lessen the separation she's feeling, Jack and Teal'c hurriedly write a slew of letters with a tale each, usually humorous, and send them to their distant former teammate who avidly reads them nightly. S/J established.

G - Drama/Fluff - 6500 Words - 12.13.2008
Adagio - A tempo mark directing that a movement is to be played slowly and gracefully; any slow dance. S/J
Mvt. 1 | Mvt. 2

Coarse Adjustment
G - Angst/UST - 1892 Words - 06.07.2009
No, it wasn’t that she’d fantasized about kissing him. It was the fact that she’d fantasized about seriously opening up and telling him – showing him – exactly how deeply she felt for him. – Title misspelled purposely.

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The Missing Marks - WIP Last Updated 07/2007
PG-13 - Mystery/Suspense;Action/Adventure;Romance - 7,364 Words - 07.14.2007
One year after becoming an Auror, Tonks is presented with her first real case: the mystery of a series of signature crimes marked by a countdown of obsidian crystals and strange notes. – A series of crimes the Ministry is going through great lengths to hide. But she’s also just been inducted into the legendary Order of the Phoenix. And as if her case and new questionably legal – in the Ministry’s eyes, at least – activities aren’t enough to keep her mind occupied, another mystery presents itself: a secret admirer who may not be so secret.
Chapter 1 | Chapter 2

Friendly Shoves and Little Nudges
G - Humor and Romance - 1,462 Words - 08.05.2008
In yet another argument, Sirius attempts to convince Remus to do something about his feelings for Tonks. And yet again, it seems as though Remus will sucessfully deflect the issue. - Except that this time, Sirius has concocted a devious scheme that might actually be successful.
Part 1 | Part 2

Afterlife Crack

May The Best Man Win
G - Humor - 670 Words - 08.03.2007
Remus and Tonks arrive in the Afterlife, reuniting the Marauders. As one could only expect, they're up to no good right from the start: “You know,” said Sirius thoughtfully. “Considering the wedding vows you two took, technically you have to get re-married here.”

By Popular Demand
G - CrackFic/Humor - Coming Soon-ish
The continuation of May the Best Man Win by popular demand of the readers. Just what does Severus think of Remus' and Tonks' suggestion, and where, oh where is Frodo?

A New Happiness Series

A New Happiness
G - General/Family/AU - 3,867 Words - 08.15.2007
All is well in the muggle and wizarding worlds. Celebration abounds with the completion of the 2nd War's narrative by the celebrity muggle author, yet one boy cannot find it in himself to celebrate anything.  My version of what the epilogue of The Deathly Hallows should have been with an extra focus on the Lupin family.

The Headless Haunt
PG-13 - Horror;Mystery/Suspense;Action/Adventure/AU - 9,835 Words - 10.31.2007
A Sequel to A New Happiness: When ghostly members of the Headless Hunt begin to disappear one by one, only First-Year Ravenclaw Teddy Lupin notices. Curiosity gets the best of him and leads to a discovery: the Headless Horseman has a new haunt. But now the Horseman wants the Lupins’ heads. AU 


Drabble Central: R/T Crossing
G - Romance/Humor/General - 03.01.2006
A series of drabbles, connected and non, featuring our favorite Remus and Tonks.

G - Romance - 1,769 Words - 04.04.2006
Tonks has had a terrible, horrible, no good, very long day at the Ministry. When every chance to break away with Remus for a few stolen moments is thwarted by yet another pointless emergency, she gives up on relaxing anytime soon before her double shift ends. That is, until she finds a rather unique little card deposited on her desk...

Untitled Trio
G - Romance - 3,721 Words - 04.07.2006
Curiosity gets the best of Remus, and he finds himself caught reading one of Tonks' most personal, revealing entries in her diary. It sets off a chain of events which include being lectured by Sirius, of all people, and having his own diary kidnapped by an embarassed and hurt Tonks. Will Remus be able to correct his monumental lapse of judgement?
The Entry | The Other Book | The Return

Let Me Dream
G - Romance/ General - 642 Words - 04.14.2006
OotP. The night before the students head back to Hogwarts, Tonks, weary from the events of the holiday season and the stresses of keeping their relationship secret, shares a private moment with Remus on the back porch.

Pirate Universe
G - Romance/Family/AU - 3062 Words - 04.24.2006
Remus and Tonks are married in an AU future with a 5-year-old daughter who is enamoured with fairy tales. On this particular day, Remus' study is unusually messy. And when the Lupins become a bit carried away on his desk waking their young daughter, Remus takes the opportunity to weave a fantastic tale of pirates and daring sword fights. Based on a true story.

Loosed Tongues
G - Romantic Comedy - 11.28.2006
*Ron Weasley/Hermione Granger* - Hermione wants Ron to kiss her. Now.

Christmas Wishes
G - Angst - 1,930 Words - 12.24.2006
Tonks contemplates the happenings of her life during a silent walk down a muggle street in London on Christmas Eve. Despite the dreary, depressing place she finds herself in now, will the Christmas season shed even just a little bit of light in her life? HBP

PG - Angst - 1,715 Words - 01.11.2007
Haunted by his decision to break things off with Tonks, Remus is no longer sure that his choice was the correct one to make: "You know who she is; you knew all along. She’s watching you, lanky hair swaying in the wind; you don’t know how you know, but she is, and you turn immediately from the window to head downstairs and out to meet her."

Mercy, Indeed
G - Romantic Comedy - 1,863 Words - 01.17.2007
Just another drab day at Number 12, Grimmauld Place: tea and conversation in the kitchen. Sirius losing at his chess match with Tonks. And Remus and Tonks flirting right under Sirius' nose.

PG - Angst/General - 1, 829 Words - 01.20.2007
Remus contemplates the current and future statuses of the war effort and those involved after Dumbledore is gone and Harry, Ron, and Hermione have left. Does a hope for the future exist?

Of Pickup Lines & First Valentines
PG - Romantic Comedy - 998 Words | 3,680 Words - 02.13.2007
Equal parts James/Lily and Remus/Tonks. As a 6th year, Remus was the only one amongst the Marauders who did not have a date nor dance on Valentines Day, and so he was left to observance of the first time James got through to Lily. But Sirius was always quick to point out that he taught Remus everything he knows about girls. How have things changed some twenty years in the future with the addition of Tonks in Remus' life?
Challenge Version | Extended Version

The Simple Truth  | The Simple Truth Revised
PG - Angst/Romance - 3,072 Words/4086 Words - 06.19.2008
After Dumbledore’s death, to continue on for the hope of a better future, Remus must confront his doubts and fears for the present. Stuck in a backwards mindset he acquired from his mission with the ferals, the only person who can make him see is the woman he’s been pushing away. The post-hospital scene of HBP.

What Albus Doesn't Know
PG-13 - Humor/Crackfic/General/AU - Coming Soon-ish
Based on a very silly conversation. Remus is readying himself to escape from his office for an early night home with his family when he is thwarted by a knock on his door and confronted by Minerva McGonagall with the most unthinkable, unnerving, desperate declaration of love. Escape, it seems, is nowhere in the cards for Remus.

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Tactical Espionage - WIP Last Updated 10/2005
PG-13 - Action/Adventure, Mystery/Suspense, Drama, Romance - 30,477 Words - 08.27.2005
In AC 198, a new threat arises. The art of espionage must be perfected in order for our heroes to succeed against their new enemy. A fic concentrating on all the beloved characters of GW and what happens after Endless Waltz.
Prologue: Alive
Chapter 1: Shadows
Chapter 2: Fanning the Flames
Chapter 3: Glimpses **Coming "Soon"**
Chapter 4: High Tide Rising **Coming "Soon"*

Trigger (Back Reference Only - Fic has been deleted)
Zechs has forgotten everything. It's up to Noin to discover the trigger that started the whole process so they can bring this to a close. Written in Noin's POV.

Operation Chicken Wing: Scaring Heero Yuy
PG - Humor, Mystery/Suspense, Horror, Romance - 9,694 Words - 10.24.2005
Happy Halloween! Can the Wing Pilot ever be scared? Duo thinks so, and the plotting ensues! But then the innocent Halloween party goes south when Relena is mysteriously kidnapped. As they rush to rescue her, things turn sour again, and the whole crew is in for a supernatural fright fest! Just a humorous little piece celebrating All Hallow's Eve.

G - Mystery/Suspense - 3,314 Words - 12.07.2005
[An experimental chapter I wrote, unsure whether or not to continue; I decided not to.]
Milliardo has been charged with the murder of David Baldwin, but did he really do it or has he been framed? A journey through the court system through the eyes of the media. ZxN and HxR

NC-17 - PWP Romance - Available only at Blissful Ignorance
Written in response to a dare by Ali, this is the one and only piece of smut written my me. It stars Heero & Relena, and they're wet. Muddy and wet.

Just Days
G - Romance - 777 Words - 02.28.2006
A collection of drabbles featuring Zechs and Noin after marriage.

HxR Grovelling Series
G - Romance - 967 Words - 02.28.2006
A drabble series featuring Heero and Relena. Written for redemption for not participating in the BI Knight Challenge.

The Christmas Mission
PG - Romance - 4,194 Words - 12.26.2006
Relena and Heero are Christmas shopping, but the Perfect Soldier is acting strangely. He disappears and leaves her alone in the stores what could he possibly be doing?

PG - General/Romance - 2,906 Words - 09.27.2007
When Zechs is sent to assist Noin with some repairs to the Preventers' ship, he finds himself to be extraordinarily tempted to take advantage of a potentially romantic situation. A random excerpt of ZxN.

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