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After a hectic week, I need to catch up on entries & comments, but I openly admit to being distracted atm: As promised, Halo 4 goodness!

^ More information on the new game can be found here. Game Informer got so much information from 343 about Halo 4 that it couldn't fit in one article. They indicated that they'll be releasing more info about the game on that site, and already you can learn more about Halo 4's new composer, read a brief article comparing Halo 4 to Halo 3, and watch a short interview with Frank O'Connor.

On Requiem - The new campaign )

The next generation of multiplayer: beam me aboard the Infinity! )

All in all, despite my reservations over the characters of Chief & Cortana, I think I'm willing to give 343 the benefit of the doubt. Making the Chief more human is a gargantuan task, but I have to say... I mean, looking at all the stuff they're doing, all the energy and care they're devoting to the other aspects of the game -As expected from Halo CE: Anniversary, the screen captures look stunning- I really think that Halo is in good hands.

There were aspects of the original Bungie Halo story arc that made me angry -such as humans teaming up with the Covenant despite the Arbiter's (one-off) story- and I imagine that 343 may do the same. But I'm admittedly a fan of fairy tales and happy endings: I expect a few disappointments in a war-torn sci-fi epic story. So I don't know if 343 will be able to pull of John's & Cortana's humanity, but I'm not gonna worry anymore. I think they've done enough to demonstrate that they deserve our support rather than fear and skepticism.


Apr. 11th, 2012 01:01 am
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Came home from a long day of work and fidgeting in anticipation over reading more of The Lost Hero to this:


10 pages of Halo 4! I shall report back what I learn! :D

ETA: Oh dear fuzzy. I think... I think I'm gonna die of happiness! Premature, maybe, but I can't help it: 343, I BELIEVE IN YOU!!!

I solemnly swear to attempt a more coherent post in the morning.
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Uh... I don't mean to spam you guys on this issue, but how appropriate is my last post in light of this article from Kotaku?

Sources: The next X-Box may not play used games

I'm trying not to explode here.

As these are rumors, details are non-existent. Microsoft released a statement that effectively communicated, Maybe the rumors are true.............

The Kotaku theory of how Microsoft would achieve this limiting feature is that gamers would register their particular game to their particular X-Box. Then only your X-Box would be able to utilize that game disc. Peeps, what we have here is the end of used games and borrowing games from friends. No more bringing your game to your buddy's house, no more joint endeavors to purchase games together, no more cheap used games from your chosen retailer.

Now theoretically, Kotaku also speculates that gamers could potentially overcome this feature by not connecting their console online. First of all, that would kill the best part of most X-Box games: multiplayer. Secondly, I don't see why such a feature would have to be limited by X-Box online connectivity. That could easily be a feature that wouldn't require any sort of online account or access.

More technical X-Box talk about Cloud features etc... )

Now out of all of the "Big Hollywood" industries, gaming makes the most sense to be going this direction. I still hate it, and I sincerely hope that it's not true. Otherwise, I'll have to leave X-Box behind, as much as I adore it, and hope that Sony and Nintendo will choose instead to dismiss the idea as a serious flaw in their competitor's product.

This would effectively mean the deaths of companies like GameStop and GameFly. - Well, at least from the X-Box side. I haven't seen anything about Sony or Nintendo pursuing this model, but we all know that it would only take one for them all to follow suit.
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Is this... is this my journal I'm posting this on? Am I actually going to talk about "X-Class of Citizen's" Privilege? Admittedly, I'm branching out of my comfort zone for this one. I'm home sick for the day, so I need to entertain myself.

It all started with a post on [ profile] ontd_gaming linking to this article: Nerds & Male Privilege.

The article concentrates on two particular aspects of Male Privilege: that women in video games and comics are consistently portrayed as sexual objects, and women who play video games are treated as far-from-equals in the gaming community. Both of these issues are, by and large, ignored and denied by the industry and community.

Male privilege – again – is about what men can expect as the default setting for society. A man isn't going to have everything about him filtered through the prism of his gender first. A man, for example, who gets a job isn't going to face with suggestions that his attractiveness or that his willingness to perform sexual favors was a factor in his being hired, nor will he be shrugged off as a "quota hire". A man isn't expected to be a representative of his sex in all things; if he fails at a job, it's not going to be extrapolated that all men are unfit for that job. A man who's strong-willed or aggressive won't be denigrated for it, nor are men socialized to "go along to get along". A man can expect to have his opinion considered, not dismissed out of hand because of his sex. When paired with a woman who's of equal status, the man can expect that most of the world will assume that he's the one in charge. And, critically, a man doesn't have to continually view the world through the lens of potential violence and sexual assault.

Now with this in mind, consider why being a girl first may be a hindrance to geek girls. A guy who plays a first person shooter – Call of Duty, Halo, Battlefield, what-have-you – online may expect a certain amount of trash talking, but he's not going to be inundated with offers for sex, threats of rape, sounds of simulated masturbation or demands that he blow the other players – but not before going to the kitchen and getting them a beer/sandwich/pizza first. Men will also not be told that they're being "too sensitive" or that "they need to toughen up" when they complain about said sexual threats.

Typically, I don't look into this stuff, but as an avid FPS chick gamer? Amen. A million times, AMEN! )

It's such a prevalent staple of our society, as well. Billboards, commercials, books, tv shows, movies... Seriously ladies, how many times a day do you roll your eyes or avert your gaze?

I don't know that I necessarily agree with the implications of calling it Male Privilege: such a term, in my opinion, implies that men -particularly white men- should feel guilty about who they are and what their societal gender has done, that they should feel that much of what they do and can accomplish has little to do with their own merits, and I will never agree with that. What I do agree with is the awareness part. Be cognizant is about all I would request, and in doing so, attempt to change your actions and the actions of others whose lives you touch.

As to the article's other part on false equivalence, someone posted a comic in one of the threads I read, and I thought it was AMAZING. Because a ripped guy without a shirt on does NOT equal a busty girl without a shirt on, no matter how many times guys repeat this ridiculous argument. I didn't want to destroy your friends pages with a massive pic though, so the comic is below the cut.

I'm tired of you griping that chicks are sexually objectified! Dudes are, too! )

Aww man...

Nov. 8th, 2011 02:40 am
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Oh, Call of Duty. What IS it about your ridiculously realistic and beautiful campaign modes that make me so nauseous? I had sincerely hoped I'd be able to play through this one, but alas.

In other news, the multiplayer mode is AWESOME! And I've only played 3 games! XD

SO glad I took a half day tomorrow!!


Oct. 19th, 2011 10:47 pm
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I just beat Batman Arkham City.


The ending is hardcore! I mean... Seriously?!

If you don't have a 360 or PS3, you are seriously missing out on a pretty epic Batman story: RENT ONE and the game and PLAY IT THROUGH!
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If you've ever entered the gaming community even casually, you will have undoubtedly have run into Clans.

Gaming Clans are, you could say, the gaming equivalent of LJ writing or art or icon comms. ... Except they're a little more...obsessive.

Long story short, I was playing with my friend last night, and we came up against this team whose gamertags all began with "PMS." We lost the game, because our other two teammates sucked and died something like 20 times with no kills before quitting. I, however, killed them 27 times. Johnathan got another 10 or so. We lost by 5 only because time ran out.

Now the language was what was so hilarious throughout - aside from the fact that they couldn't kill me, I mean. Oh, they were definitely girls and they hated me. "&@$!!! She just killed me AGAIN!" As much as I love bruising the boys' egos in gameplay, if there's another girl on the field, well... I need to prove myself to be the best of us!

After the game, I received a message inviting me to their PMS Clan. With no intention whatsoever of joining, I checked out their site... and laughed myself silly!

Trust me, guys: my obsession with video games is just a mild attraction compared to them!

The funniest part of this whole thing though? I recognized several of the gamertags on that site. While all of them certainly were not pushovers when I played them online, most of them were, shall we say, below my skill level. -At least in the games we played; there definitely are curves we all go through.

I dunno. I was amused; I certainly don't need to engage in 4-hr a week monitored practices to hand their controllers to them on a platter. Lol I'm not even sure what their purpose is in it all. So much structure... Gaming is stress relief and flat out fun. Clans pollute that purpose with their rules and structures. Like assigned essays.

... [ profile] trevelyanl85a2 and [ profile] shyrstyne are probably the only two who can follow this post, huh? I need more gamer buddies!!
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^Title here? Best. Compliment. EVAR!


Cut to nerdly talk regarding Sniping OWNAGE! and a really funny kid on X-Box Live. )

We got a new X-Box today; the old one, a limited edition Halo 3 console, is on its last legs. It has a very difficult time reading discs, and the fan is very loud. It lasted for 3.5 years, which is longer than many laptops and top-of-the-line cell phones today, so I'm not too broken hearted.

So we went up to the Base and got it tax free with the Kinect. DIE DIE DIE Wii! I'm not so into the whole motion sensor video game fad, but at least it doesn't need a bajillion attachments and new controller for every new lame cooking game released. DIE Wii DIE!

It actually doesn't need any controllers at all. Uses voice activation, compatable with Skype... MUCH better graphics... The weakest point I've seen discussed is that it's camera technology, but it doesn't seem to be a drawback to me. Actually, Microsoft has a lot of big plans using Kinect technology. I read that they were going to carry it beyond video games, to use with desktops, laptops, TV, and more. So at the very least, I figure that I might as well become acquianted with the tech. And maybe I'll enjoy it... I'll probably enjoy it a lot more once they can get some good shooter games on it!


Jan. 21st, 2011 03:27 am
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I can't sleep. The pain pills aren't working, and I can't take anything more in preparation for the surgery tomorrow. Today.

Ugh. It's almost over.

Mostly, I'm playing Halo: Reach just to keep myself entertained and distracted. However, Ter and I played this awesome game together wherein we completely obliterated the other team.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Halo, the goal of the following game is to reach 50 kills first as a team. As soon as the 50th kill is reached, the game ends.

But occasionally, a multikill will take the score over 50. Like how Ter and I killed the entire Blue Team at once with 49 kills already racked up. The end result? 53-13.

But here's what I really want to show y'all, because I am greatly amused, but I can't laugh. So y'all must laugh for me! Check out this screenshot of the explosion!

Heat of the Moment

Pffft! What are they doing?!! XDDDD
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This particular soundtrack - Final Fantasy VIII - is so loaded for me... I miss those simpler days. Final Fantasy VIII was my biggest concern. Along with Brave Fencer Musashi. I was in high school - a freshman - and Al Gore was putting it all on the line to defeat then Governor George W. Bush.

I miss the time when those graphics were spectacular, the story a mystery, and every boss battle a royal hassle. I miss the SEED exams that we had the cheats for and the pointless necessity of capturing every card in the game. I even miss the times when we'd have done so much training only to have to turn it off.

Training to level 100...

Oh my gosh: Finding Cactuar! And then making him stay long enough to defeat and capture him!

Defeating Eden after finding it on the unmarked island via the Ragnarok...

And then the absolute best Final Fantasy boss battle in Ultimecia.

Ahh, Laguna..... And Squall!!!

I miss those days a lot. I wish they'd at least remake it. - No story edits, unless to make it longer. No game edits unless to update the system. Absolutely NO voice actors or actresses. - I would be so happy.

Ha. Reminds me of Kingdom Hearts: the epicness. I wish they'd finish that series, too...

Sorry. That was random. It's my playlist's fault. I might go off in prose dedicated to the X-Files next... I'll just... go back to writing now.
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The Previous entry is public now, fyi. I wasn't able to submit it to the contest because they randomly ended it at the end of last month. ;_; It had been a weekly competition...

Star Trek comes out today!!! \o/ It will be one of the few movies I buy on iTunes!

Also, X-Box is going through some cool beans updates that will, among other things, include some pretty sweet Zune and Zune Marketplace connectivity features. I just can't see the whole renting my music thing; I'd be interested in a Zune otherwise. But Ter loves it, so it'll be cool to mess with it. Currently it's going through the update.

I rendered a new video from Halo 3 the other day - a short clip of a somewhat frenzied triple kill.

Video behind cut )

I'm so excited! Bungie has finally released the ability to buy render minutes! - This means I can render more video than just 60 seconds or less. My favorite clips are a little longer than that.

Moving on from video games, it's finally cold in Texas! I dunno how long it will stay that way, though. Weather here has been crazy this year! It's like everything is a month or two off. We were still in the 40's and 50's in May, but then while we were still in the 70's and 80's in November, other places across the US were reporting the 3rd coldest October in recorded history. O_o We've had a ton of rain this year, but no tornadoes. What? WHAT?!

Texas, my sweet Texas, what's up with that? >.> It had better be cold for Thanksgiving and Christmas; that's all I have to say.

Well okay, I'd also like to request a snow day. If not on December 24 to give us a free day off, then some time in January. I mean, this year has been wacky, so if ever there was a year to have a blizzard on Christmas Eve, this is it; we Texans will completely understand, even if it ruins Christmas Eve shopping! We won't even complain about the snow still being here until the 26th! - That's an extra full day, you know, Texas. You know well how we are about snow lasting more than 24 hours... We can all benefit from this. - So uh... Yeah. Snow on Christmas Eve. With lots of ice on the roads. Lots of ice. >.> Or my job will still call me in. Please and thank you. -- Much Love, Jackie of Texas

Starbucks has the Peppermint Mocha back! \o/ Only they say it's here to stay!! Year 'round Peppermint Mocha frappuccinos! Also Smoothie King has their Pumpkin, Peppermint Chocolate, Peppermint, and Eggnog smoothies back until the end of this year! AND Seattle's Best has an amazing Pepperment Mocha Trio - ohhh it's so tasty hot. I haven't tried their gingerbread or sugar and spice yet, but... Oh, look at them:

Tasty Yummies

Yeah. Who needs to EAT things this holiday season to gain poundage when you can drink yourself there?

GASP! O_O I just remembered. Mom made pumpkin pie last night! *is gone*


Apr. 29th, 2009 11:18 am
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X-Box Live is a worldwide, online service that connects players across the globe through games such as Halo.

2nd-Hand Conversation from Kidd

Kidd's Buddy: Man. I was playing Halo the other day, and there was this beast.
Kidd: Ugh. That's all my brother and sisters play.
Buddy: Yeah. I was just... dead. My whole team was dead. I was standing there, and then I was dead, and.. everyone was dead!
Kidd: Oh. A... triple kill or whatever?
Buddy: No! Overkill! All four of us!
Kidd: Oh. Wow.
Buddy: I forgot what his name was... Something like... Patriot....Jack...
Kidd: O.O PatriotJackJack?
Buddy: Yeah!!! That's him! BEAST! - How do you-?
Kidd: XDDD That's my sister!
Buddy: O.O Nu-uh!
Kidd: YES! That's my big sister!
Buddy: Seriously?
Buddy2: What are we talking about?
Kidd: XD My sister killed her on Halo.
Buddy: I thought she was a guy!
Kidd: Why? You're a girl.
Buddy: Yeah, but...
Buddy2: Who's your sister?
Kidd: PatriotJackJack.
Buddy2: O.O Hey! I've played with her before!
Kidd: Really?!
Buddy2: Yeah! That's cool.
Kidd: Wow. It's a small world. XD

Thuh End.

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Tried to ride a bike. It didn't work. Note to self: do not ride bikes. -_-

Today sucks; it's one of those days when I want to be anywhere and everywhere other than where I am at the moment. I'm just completely restless. 

Someone talk me out of this: I'm seriously considering living on PB&J next week so I can run over to GameStop and pick up a PS2 with FFVIII, Brave Fencer Musashaiden, and Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. They're all old games - the first two are for the original PlayStation! The PS2 is fast becoming an outdated system, though since the PS3 is more expensive than a cheap computer, there is still some time left. I still want to get a 360 meaning I should save and wait, not buy a PS2. 

I know all this, but I'm just DYING to play FFVIII and Musashi!! I haven't played Musashi in 3 or 4 years because our discs are all messed up, but I've had the urge for that many years at the same time. And ^o^ I can't take it anymore!! T.T Plus, I NEED my FFVIII. It's my favorite video game of ALL TIME. Yes indeedy, even more than Halo! (Which Pete has an X-Box, Halo & Halo 2! And he asked me to PLAY WITH HIM yesterday! Terri said no because we had to go over to a party... but we almost didn't go. I told her, "Terri. He just asked me to play Halo." Alas, I had to take a rain check. ;_; )

So. Someone stop me! Talk me out of this! >.> It's a waste of money! It really is! But... But... ^o^ I'm gonna do it!!

And just a little politics, I found this interesting:

Al Sharpton's Ancestor Enslaved by Senator

So... basically, this senator was a racist while a democrat, and then as his racist ideals shifted later in life, he became a republican............... Interesting. Ever wonder why history and even the current political climate we live in today has republicans as the "racist party" when it was always the democrats?? Seriously, when was the last time a democrat put a minorty in the high levels of their administration? Uh. Never! And don't forget about Senator KKK "Sheets" Byrd! Democrat and former Clansman! Politics are so screwed...

If he demands compensation, I swear...... <.<


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