Mar. 9th, 2012

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I feel like I've been so serious lately. In my defense, I'm only following trends! ... >.>

Anyway. This is about the Rush Limbaugh slut thing that's been plastered across every corner of the internet. Sort of. Mostly it's about hypocrisy. I'm fed up with it.

Short 2:30 Youtube video documenting liberal misogynist vulgarities )

So Bill Maher (and other leftists) call Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, Hillary Clinton, and other women SLUTS, TW*TS, C*NTS, and hosts of other vulgar terms because they're women, and that's perfectly acceptable. He demeans their families; takes shots at Palin's baby because he has Down's Syndrome. David Letterman went so far as to cheer an imaginary rape of Willow/Bristol Palin in a "joke." Don't forget the time Jerry Brown out in California called Meg Whitman a whore because she was running against him! And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

There's no outcry from the left; there NEVER has been! All there's EVER been are cheers or excuses! As long as it's a LIBERAL man engaging in misogyny, well, there's not a single thing wrong with that! Yet Rush Limbaugh utters one horrible term and the left utterly EXPLODES in outrage! - Oh yes, he was indeed wrong to say it, to extrapolate the idea and dig the hole deeper, and I'm glad he apologized. But where is the equality here?! - Bill Maher, longtime sexist potty mouth, donated $1,000,000 to President Obama's super PAC. And Obama, who has JUST stated that he, especially when considering his daughters and the world he wants them to grow up in, supposedly wants to lead by example on the issue of civility, has he taken a stand for women by rejecting those funds? No. He has not.

Indeed, lefties delight in Maher and Ed Schultz and David Letterman et all when they make these remarks. Why? Because the comments are about conservative women, who apparently aren't actually women according to the left. They deserve those comments; it's different because it's "true;" they should get back in the kitchen where they belong rather than opening their fat mouths. On and on go the excuses of the left; I've been told so many of them I've lost count: not only does the left ignore these vulgarities, but they but openly applaud them.

Is this a new issue? No. It's actually an old one. A very old issue. One that frankly enrages me. I don't go on rants very often anymore, but I've always thought that there were some things that were just beyond politics, that some things we could all agree upon considering we're all supposedly after the same thing: equality for women.

Lefties on my flist/in my circle and you random folks who PM me for my political posts: I am every bit as much a woman as you are, as Miss Fluke is. Are you telling me that conservative women like me deserve these comments? That standing by and allowing/supporting these comments to be said of one group of women somehow furthers the cause that your side supposedly is fighting for? What is that cause, anyway? Is it that all women should be treated equally or just that liberal women only should be treated equally?

Yes, I'm calling you out. This is asinine! Here we are the day after International Women's Day, in a month dedicated to Women's History, and this kind of hypocrisy still abounds! A woman's political beliefs should in NO way whatsoever determine what sort of rights, protections, or discourse she has to face! WOMEN HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO BE CONSERVATIVES AND SHOULD NOT BE CALLED FILTHY NAMES JUST BECAUSE OF THAT CHOICE! What on EARTH kind of "equal rights" are you lefties fighting for? What brand of feminism is this?!

Either stand against it ALL as you should, or woman up to the fact that it is PURELY political and stop propagating the myth that this is about equality for women.


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