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I have this thing about not posting more than twice a day, so I didn't put it up yesterday. Jacked from [personal profile] spockside and other LJ buddies. (You know what's creepy? I just remembered my dream. While I completely forgot about the Florida primary, my subconscious did not. I dreamt that Newt won against all odds. O_o I was watching CNN and Wolf Blitzer of all places for coverage. So. WEIRD!)

I'm running a test to see who's reading my posts. So, if you read this, leave me a one-word comment about your day that starts with the third letter of your LJ USERNAME. Only one word please. Then repost so I can leave a word for you. Don't just post a word and not copy - that's not as much fun!
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I hate it when I nightmare while I'm sick, because not only do I wake up shaking from the fever, but I'm absolutely terrified of whatever it was I just dreamed about, which I can't remember because my head hurts just enough to make thinking an irrelevant pursuit. Such was the case this morning, and it wasn't until I took my shower that I remembered the dream.

It was a tournament of fandoms - battles to the eventual death, because we just had to win, not kill. I was the person of consequence, who determined who went where: R/T, SG-1, and GW/Other. Each team was comprised of people I know within these various fandoms; of course, we all needed some persuasion to take up arms against each other...

And no. The answer is no, no, and never-ever-ever NO! I am not writing this one. >.> No amount of pleading or begging can make me. I can't imagine any of y'all wanting me to, but NO! =P 
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Or at least that's what I thought. I turned in really early last night (11:30; normal bedtime = 2-4) because I've just been really tired the last week, and I decided it was time to catch up on hours missed. I rested really well, but I just remembered what I dreamed about all night.

You know, it's creepy when you write in your sleep. I wasn't making any decisions, and yet, I was writing in the dreams as if I was sitting wide awake! Going through this idea and that, pondering dialogue and ending points. Coming up with viable options and then actually tossing them aside when I wouldn't approve of them! The worst part is that despite all my work... during the dreams... because I woke in between them, nothing got accomplished. Well, I did figure out 2 things, but I can't remember the 1 well enough to accomplish the other. _-_ 

It's my own fault, I know. Cuz I went to bed thinking, "You've got to progress in one or the other tonight." Well, I did. IN MY SLEEP! All night long, I was thinking about Dumbledore, Merlin, and Snape - and Remus' and Tonks' reactions on the side since it's their Afterlife wedding. And when I couldn't get anything there, it was Truth or Dare with SG-1 around the campfire, and Daniel's question to Jack STILL has both him AND me stumped. >.> And Sam? Well, Sam may be pissed or mortified: I haven't come to a decision.

It's not fun to be stumped all night! And frustrated. I mean, I was working with most of my brain shut down!! That's not even fair!

This is just... not right! I'm okay with my vivid nightmarish dreams that I consiously alter and turn into stories later. This, though? Literally writing in my sleep while I am completely unconsious?? Faaaaaaar too creepy. 
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Terri's spent the last 20 minutes telling me her dream from last night. In which we were totally hardcore secret agents!! XDXD SWEET!!

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I just woke up from a terrifying nightmare in which Voldemort was real. @_@ 

He'd taken over the UK and had arrived in America; we Muggles knew everything thanks to the CIA whose last operation of informing the public ended in their obliteration.

All the wizards and witches had been captured, killed , or forced to work as Death Eaters. Practically everything we said about the US Constitution/Government, feeling sorry for those in the UK/witches/wizards, nostalgic memories of The Past, and whispers of rebellion/what it'd be like without Voldie was taboo, resulting in an immediate Avade Kedavra of you or a family member/friend or a slow, excruciating Cruciatus Curse by means of death.  

By default, I became the underground movement's leader. The NA did exist, and I was a part of it. However, my team had been entirely captured as had the leaders of the organization. (For those of you that don't know, the Nameless Agency is a spy society from my original story The Man.) It was up to me to devise a plan to kill Voldemort, and talking about in circles without ever finishing my sentences was infuritating. Not to mention my constant thoughts of, "I'm really not qualified for this!" 

The plan ended up being that while Voldemort was on a casino cruise ship "entertaining" some important members of our society (aka, members of Congress) that we would stop at no ends to ensure his death. Backup plan after backup plan was hatched. My main sickening worry, however, was that Voldemort would Disapparate. So we settled on two plans: blow the entire ship to pieces thus taking out about half of Congress as well, or snipe him and hope he couldn't block it. Sniping became plan A after Major Samantha Carter (from Stargate SG:1)  insisted it could prevent casualties, but someone had to determine if it would work: that someone was me.

So my mission was to sneak on board and get close to Voldie without being detected to find if he had a shield of some sort. He did have one, I discovered after a very suspensful "30 minutes," and I had to get him out of its protective embrace.

"One day, our children will know freedom," I dumbly said. But Voldemort dumbly stepped forward out of his stationary shield's protection to address me with his wand. The last thing I heard, because I suddenly couldn't see, was the echoing of about 20 sniper shots, and close as I was to Voldie, the chances of me escaping getting hit by a few were slim to none.

Then I woke up. O_O And I looked for my glasses and grabbed Ace to tell y'all. A dream with The Man, Harry Potter, and aspects of Stargate SG:1.... @_@ Cool, but scary.

This Thanksgiving, I'm glad that Voldemort is not real!! And maybe that my imagination isn't real, too! XD

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!
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Ja... I totally fell asleep 30 minutes after my writing break last night. ^^;; (I did write yesterday. =P) I was supposed to write for another 2 hours, but I didn't make it that far. XD 

The funny thing was that three people kept popping up in my (completely random chain of events) dream: Ali, Cali, and Morri. XDXD 

The Spirit of Morri and Chapters Present... )
The Spirit of Ali and Chapters Yet to Come... )
The Spirit of Cali and Chapters ... in Progress. XD )

Anyway, I forgot that yesterday was Thursday which makes today Friday, May 4th. This is important because today is Allison's birthday, and I'm like...her big helper in her whole dinner and SPIDERMAN 3 movie tonight. ^^ 

Basically, I'm about 4 hours behind schedule, where I should have been posting the chapter right about now. I've got about 2 1/2 hours before I have to do anything else, so we'll see how far I get. I was working faster than I anticipated last night... ;)


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