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I feel like I've been so serious lately. In my defense, I'm only following trends! ... >.>

Anyway. This is about the Rush Limbaugh slut thing that's been plastered across every corner of the internet. Sort of. Mostly it's about hypocrisy. I'm fed up with it.

Short 2:30 Youtube video documenting liberal misogynist vulgarities )

So Bill Maher (and other leftists) call Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, Hillary Clinton, and other women SLUTS, TW*TS, C*NTS, and hosts of other vulgar terms because they're women, and that's perfectly acceptable. He demeans their families; takes shots at Palin's baby because he has Down's Syndrome. David Letterman went so far as to cheer an imaginary rape of Willow/Bristol Palin in a "joke." Don't forget the time Jerry Brown out in California called Meg Whitman a whore because she was running against him! And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

There's no outcry from the left; there NEVER has been! All there's EVER been are cheers or excuses! As long as it's a LIBERAL man engaging in misogyny, well, there's not a single thing wrong with that! Yet Rush Limbaugh utters one horrible term and the left utterly EXPLODES in outrage! - Oh yes, he was indeed wrong to say it, to extrapolate the idea and dig the hole deeper, and I'm glad he apologized. But where is the equality here?! - Bill Maher, longtime sexist potty mouth, donated $1,000,000 to President Obama's super PAC. And Obama, who has JUST stated that he, especially when considering his daughters and the world he wants them to grow up in, supposedly wants to lead by example on the issue of civility, has he taken a stand for women by rejecting those funds? No. He has not.

Indeed, lefties delight in Maher and Ed Schultz and David Letterman et all when they make these remarks. Why? Because the comments are about conservative women, who apparently aren't actually women according to the left. They deserve those comments; it's different because it's "true;" they should get back in the kitchen where they belong rather than opening their fat mouths. On and on go the excuses of the left; I've been told so many of them I've lost count: not only does the left ignore these vulgarities, but they but openly applaud them.

Is this a new issue? No. It's actually an old one. A very old issue. One that frankly enrages me. I don't go on rants very often anymore, but I've always thought that there were some things that were just beyond politics, that some things we could all agree upon considering we're all supposedly after the same thing: equality for women.

Lefties on my flist/in my circle and you random folks who PM me for my political posts: I am every bit as much a woman as you are, as Miss Fluke is. Are you telling me that conservative women like me deserve these comments? That standing by and allowing/supporting these comments to be said of one group of women somehow furthers the cause that your side supposedly is fighting for? What is that cause, anyway? Is it that all women should be treated equally or just that liberal women only should be treated equally?

Yes, I'm calling you out. This is asinine! Here we are the day after International Women's Day, in a month dedicated to Women's History, and this kind of hypocrisy still abounds! A woman's political beliefs should in NO way whatsoever determine what sort of rights, protections, or discourse she has to face! WOMEN HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO BE CONSERVATIVES AND SHOULD NOT BE CALLED FILTHY NAMES JUST BECAUSE OF THAT CHOICE! What on EARTH kind of "equal rights" are you lefties fighting for? What brand of feminism is this?!

Either stand against it ALL as you should, or woman up to the fact that it is PURELY political and stop propagating the myth that this is about equality for women.
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Badfic. WHY do I keep reading?

Maybe it’s the burning question that sticks in my mind. So many people can’t be wrong, right? What am I missing? How can badfic garner so many reviews while brilliantly written stories can be ignored and completely overlooked?


Today’s Rant Brought to You By: Women slapping men in fic.

Seriously! It's NOT okay! )


Yeah. It seems random to you, but this has been bugging me for a REALLY long time. It's a good thing I haven't subjected y'all to the Dialogue and Body Language Rant in my mind... ;D
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Is there anything more infuriating than someone peeking over your shoulder during the creative process?

For me, though the over-the-shoulder peering happens on occasion, it's usually more characterized by a question: "Are you writing?" or "What are you writing?" or "How's it coming?"

I didn't used to mind the last one... But once you give someone a very vague, generalized answer ("Oh, you know. It's coming. It's all in the journey." Exactly how do you answer that question, anyway?), they start to want more.

Until their questions really mean: "Why are you so secretive?"

Gee, I don't know! Maybe because when I'm doing this, my intention is to eventually expose myself in a carefully crafted way on MY terms when I'm ready. Maybe I'm not comfortable being completely exposed as I slop my way through jotting initial messy thoughts and descriptions and ideas. Maybe I don't like people to see, "Oh, man. That really sucks right there. You trying to convey an emotion with that? You've gotta... you've gotta reword that. Yeah, that sucks." It's a placeholder for me that no one's ever supposed to see!

Even if their questions don't mean to be a sneaky request for juicy details, I snap faster than... some metaphor or similie that I'm not going to contemplate!

It's not conversational!

And it sure isn't me being secretive! It's me being private!
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Ter, Bubby, Kidd, and myself were caught up in the whole Comedy Central censoring issue that happened on Wednesday. Has anyone else been following the true-to-life Cartoon Wars that's been happening this week and last week with South Park?

Previously on South Park recap... )

So now we're onto last week, the episode called 200, appropriately as it was the 200th South Park show. The entire plot was centered around rehashing many of the great events, people, plotlines, etc that have brought the show this far. It of course would not be complete without Mohammed. This time, the Muslim prophet was *not* seen from inside a U-Haul and then inside a bear mascot outfit. Ending in a cliffhanger with the town of South Park hanging in the balance, fans were greatly anticipating episode 201.

Well, a few things happened:
1) A "not" death threat to the creators of South Park was posted via a website
2) When episode 201 aired on Wednesday night, Comedy Central altered the episode and censored all references to Mohammed. They also censored Kyle's speech at the end which was about intimidation and fear, essentially calling Comedy Central out as the coward it played.
3) 201 is still not available to be viewed on nor purchased on iTunes, Zune, Netflix, or any other similar service. Additionally, Super Best Friends has been stripped from the same services.

Posted on: 04.22.10

A Statement from Matt and Trey
In the 14 years we've been doing South Park we have never done a show that we couldn't stand behind. We delivered our version of the show to Comedy Central and they made a determination to alter the episode. It wasn't some meta-joke on our part. Comedy Central added the bleeps. In fact, Kyle's customary final speech was about intimidation and fear. It didn't mention Muhammad at all but it got bleeped too. We'll be back next week with a whole new show about something completely different and we'll see what happens to it.

I am so outraged! If SOUTH PARK can't go uncensored, who can?!

I was so excited about that episode, and I still can't see it! I haven't even bothered to look on youtube because I know they're taking it down as soon as it pops up!

What kind of generation of lame Americans are we?! Have we assumed that the Founders placed the Freedom of Speech FIRST for no reason? What kind of country do we live in where scum like that website owner can manipulate our laws to spread literal hate - not the drummed up fantasies of lefties just begging for a violent event from the Tea Parties - and openly "not" call for the murders of American citizens, but an American corporation that makes its business taking full advantage of our free speech shakes in its boots and cowers to their threats? What kind of country?!

South Park has said and illustrated many a thing that I don't agree with or like or even watch. But NO ONE is safe, and that's why I love it. Everyone is up for grabs to be ridiculed and mocked. They're equal opportunity that way. If we stand by and allow a particular group of people to dictate to us what we can and cannot say or illustrate or write or express in any manner, how do we call ourselves Americans?

I'd like to see the Left's outrage on this. Seriously. Can we at LEAST unite on this ONE, BASIC and ESSENTIAL fundamental American right?

Note: I am not stating that rights have been taken away, but pride and integrity? Backbone? Yeah. We're pretty much a loser nation right now. - Rather the likes of Commedy Central are making us that way.
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You can whine and cry all day about how the republicans are stopping you, but everyone knows the truth: The Democrats have the super majority in BOTH houses and control the White House. Even addressing the very sad passing of Senator Kennedy, you can use the Nuclear Option: Pull the trigger on Reconciliation and be done with it: a simple 51 majority votes passes rather than the historical 60 to overcome the filibuster.

So why don't we stop the ridiculous petty partisan antics and speak the truth here?

The republicans aren't stopping you. The PEOPLE are.

The PEOPLE have scared the poo right out of you with their vehemet opposition to this government "solution" you're offering, and THAT'S why you haven't passed it. THAT'S exactly why the President wanted this passed before the August recess because he knew the PEOPLE would have a chance to speak their minds. And we certainly can't have that in America.

But you know what? If you're all soooo right and we're all sooooo wrong and simple and ignorant and misguided in our "paranoid fears and delusions" of government run healthcare, then DO IT. There isn't anything stopping you from your supposedly righteous cause, so DO IT!

What's wrong? Afraid your opposition, afraid THE PEOPLE might actually be RIGHT? That couldn't possibly be true with all your high and mighty conviction.

In fact, I have another few questions for you democrats:

If Private Insurance Companies are SOOOOOO bad and unfair and literally hellbent on cheating every last dime out of you
1) Why do ANY of you use them?
2) Why aren't you calling for the abolition of every single ONE of them?
3) Why is it so important that you stress to us we'll be able to keep our evil coverage, regardless that at least the House Bill specifically outlined that you would not be able to?
4) Why do the Congress Critters have the option of over TWENTY PRIVATE HEALTH PLANS to choose from rather than Government run healthcare, and why did they specify in at least one of the Senate bills that Congress Critters would be immune to the passing of the bill?

If Doctors in this country are SOOOOO concerned with chopping your limbs off and taking out your tonsils simply to make a buck rather than look after your health,
1) Why do you use ANY of them? How on earth can you trust a word that comes out of any of their greedy mouths?
2) Why don't you go to Canada or France or England where the doctors are apparently far more ethical and far less concerned with lining their pockets?
3) Why on EARTH would you want the input of any US doctors in this bill?!!

If the Prescription Companies and Researching Firms are SOOOOO bad, then how dare you use any of the break-through medications they discover?

You complain about their methods and then greedily, hypocritically enjoy the benefits of their labors?! I'm sorry! I thought you were being righteous and noble fighting for the people and tearing these industries and working American citizens down, but you're going to enjoy the benefits they offer?

My President is a liar and a coniving manipulator of the highest degree. How can anyone listen to a single issue-focused sentence without seeing all the blatant omissions and spin he's packing within it?

I am so SICK of the left throwing every. single. industry. that has made this nation the GREATEST under the bus, backing up, attaching a metal hook into its back, running over it again, and then dragging it through the mud-covered jagged rocks!

If you so hate and mistrust the People and Industry that have made this nation so great, then at LEAST be up front about it instead of playing your ridiculous game of doublespeak, tearing down the hardworking American populace and supposedly "defending them" at the same time! It's not. possible. Has the thought ever occurred to you to THINK about what it is you're saying, the accusations you're making, and the CONSEQUENCES of your policy actions?

No, of course not.

But by all means, at the very least have some INTEGRITY and STAND BY YOUR CONVICTIONS!

Put up or shut up, Democrats. Stop blaming everyone else.




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