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Welcome to my Master Fic Index. Below, everything is organized into separate indexes for each fandom. The fics are arranged in the chronological order in which they were posted. Each fic sports its rating, genre, word count, date of publication, and a (in most cases new) descriptive summary.

Considering how long it took to do this all at once, I'll be keeping this constantly up-to-date!

And as always, thanks for reading! :)

AU, huh?

Mar. 26th, 2012 02:19 am
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Jacked from [ profile] spockside. Sorry! I couldn't resist!

Your result for The Fan Fiction Personality Test...
The Mindgamer
Everything is possible, nothing is ever really over.

Fanfiction is a creative outlet for you. You don't intentionally write it, it just happens. You find inspiration in several fandoms, but are not obsessed with only one.
You like to explore "what if" situations. What if this character had never made this very choice? What if this event had taken place sooner, never, elsewhere? What if these people had never met?
You are likely to write Alternative Universes, fan seasons or sequels and just follow your (sometimes pretty strange) plot bunnies.

LOL I like the motto, but me & AU? Can't say I haven't done it, but it was for Remus & Tonks: it HAD TO BE DONE! While I definitely agree with the "what if" driver, my questions are a lot different and based within canon. (Like Stargate fic: how easy is "what if" in that fandom, right?) "What if" used to be the starting point for a lot of my writing, but is now very much second to the more important "Why?" which was never addressed in this quiz. ;)

I totally have some pretty strange plot bunnies, though. Like a mostly-written fic about McGonagall/Remus.
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The following entry contains several questions phrased as strangely as the title: you have been warned!

Most of my attention lately has been devoted to icons and Halloween decorations, but writing-wise, I’ve been working on original fiction. As I’ve pondered plots and hesitantly outlined, I’ve wondered whether my characters are likeable enough. More specifically, I’ve wondered how much I like my characters as opposed to the characters of books, movies, and tv shows. – A fine enough thing to wonder, but of course, it made me a little curious, too. So, I have a few questions for you, buddies o’ mine.

Particularly if you write original fiction, how much do you love your original characters? Compared to your favorite characters -those of other authors- would you say you hold at least an equal place in your heart for your own fictional personas? Taking the concept further, if you weren't yourself and you read your work, do you think you would be a part of the fandom for it?

The ultimate question is this: whether you write or not, do you think the truthful ability to answer yes to all of these above questions is important for a writer to be successful with their original work? To be more concise, if one cannot answer yes to them all, does it underscore a writer's lacking enthusiasm and passion for their story?

I ask because honestly, I don't think I can answer yes to all of those questions for any one of my original works, and I wonder what that really means, if anything at all. Maybe it only means they’re not finished products yet.

Still, if your affinity for a character is limited, how can you expect to portray him/her in such a light as to inspire or touch your readership? )

Maybe I’m over thinking this, but it just worries me. To me, characters are what stories are about; I know some people prefer plots over characters, and I can see the value in that, but I prefer awesome people above all. I want my stories to be about how people deal with my plots rather than the inverse. So when I stop to think of how much I love Sirius Black or Daniel Jackson or JARVIS or Minion by comparison, I fear I may be building upon a buckling foundation before I even lift my pen. Each of them are side characters who aren’t favorites of mine, but I love them nonetheless. Granted, I’m leaving out plot and setting in these musings, but for those are for a different post someday. Characters are extremely important, and they are not so easy to adjust.

What do y’all think? Am I right to be concerned?
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Badfic. WHY do I keep reading?

Maybe it’s the burning question that sticks in my mind. So many people can’t be wrong, right? What am I missing? How can badfic garner so many reviews while brilliantly written stories can be ignored and completely overlooked?


Today’s Rant Brought to You By: Women slapping men in fic.

Seriously! It's NOT okay! )


Yeah. It seems random to you, but this has been bugging me for a REALLY long time. It's a good thing I haven't subjected y'all to the Dialogue and Body Language Rant in my mind... ;D

That's It!

Jan. 8th, 2011 01:05 pm
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UGH! This Megamind fic has been kicking my butt! It was NEVER supposed to be difficult; I don't know why it became so difficult!

Well, actually, to an extent I kind of do: I am really bad at character narration.

It's like trying to play a song by ear that I know so well: I if I play one particular, crucial interval wrong, suddenly I can't remember the tune to save my life! When writing, I forget their voices, and all the words and phrases and sentence structures that make them them and me me. I become boxed-in and wooden, repeating the same bland descriptions, the same cliche phrases, the same boring, overused sentence structures and rhythms. My thoughts become predictable, and I have no idea what to reveal in the piece of narration. Whether for a fic or original character, this almost always happens.

I just can't stand it anymore! Get something down; sure. Work with it later; okay. But then it takes forever to edit, thereby lengthening the time to write what should be a simple scene into days of work! - In the case of C:JAM, years.

So, I wasn't going to do one this year, but I think I've put this off long enough, and I've given myself little choice.

2011 RESOLUTION: Become FAR more adept at conveying characterization through narration.
Success to be Measured By: No longer feeling intimidated by plots/scenes that involve such narration.

Suggestions or advice welcome, of course.

Anyone know some authors or fics that display this skill particularly well? Many of you are very good at it yourselves... but apparently your shining examples haven't permeated my thick skull. I need like... a hammer. Probably a jackhammer.


Dec. 22nd, 2010 01:34 am
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FREE for the next 5 days - NO WORK! \o/

It's been a rough year, and I actually had customers tonight indignant that I would actually have time off for the holidays, but HA! I totally DO, suckas! And there ain't nothin' they can do about it! XD

Tonight, I shall play much Halo: Reach. Tomorrow, I'm finally getting my hair done. (Ugh... This is actually a bad thing. I hate how long it takes and the allergic reaction I have to simply stepping foot inside a salon. Not to mention it's freaking expensive, and did I mention how long it takes?)

The Christmas shopping is all done; I only have a few more to wrap. Ter and I anticipate devoting some time to attempting some sort of new food. We're thinking Chicken Parmigiana... Any suggestions? I have a feeling many of you are very good chefs.

I think I'm gonna see Megamind for a third time on Thursday, but only if I can find it in 3D, because I haven't seen it that way yet. There's also the point of writings that need to be finished by Christmas Eve: I have been working diligently!

Anyway. Halo is calling my name... I think I'll play some Invasion! and Invasion Slayer! for maximum ownage.
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Is there anything more infuriating than someone peeking over your shoulder during the creative process?

For me, though the over-the-shoulder peering happens on occasion, it's usually more characterized by a question: "Are you writing?" or "What are you writing?" or "How's it coming?"

I didn't used to mind the last one... But once you give someone a very vague, generalized answer ("Oh, you know. It's coming. It's all in the journey." Exactly how do you answer that question, anyway?), they start to want more.

Until their questions really mean: "Why are you so secretive?"

Gee, I don't know! Maybe because when I'm doing this, my intention is to eventually expose myself in a carefully crafted way on MY terms when I'm ready. Maybe I'm not comfortable being completely exposed as I slop my way through jotting initial messy thoughts and descriptions and ideas. Maybe I don't like people to see, "Oh, man. That really sucks right there. You trying to convey an emotion with that? You've gotta... you've gotta reword that. Yeah, that sucks." It's a placeholder for me that no one's ever supposed to see!

Even if their questions don't mean to be a sneaky request for juicy details, I snap faster than... some metaphor or similie that I'm not going to contemplate!

It's not conversational!

And it sure isn't me being secretive! It's me being private!
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Or at least that's what I thought. I turned in really early last night (11:30; normal bedtime = 2-4) because I've just been really tired the last week, and I decided it was time to catch up on hours missed. I rested really well, but I just remembered what I dreamed about all night.

You know, it's creepy when you write in your sleep. I wasn't making any decisions, and yet, I was writing in the dreams as if I was sitting wide awake! Going through this idea and that, pondering dialogue and ending points. Coming up with viable options and then actually tossing them aside when I wouldn't approve of them! The worst part is that despite all my work... during the dreams... because I woke in between them, nothing got accomplished. Well, I did figure out 2 things, but I can't remember the 1 well enough to accomplish the other. _-_ 

It's my own fault, I know. Cuz I went to bed thinking, "You've got to progress in one or the other tonight." Well, I did. IN MY SLEEP! All night long, I was thinking about Dumbledore, Merlin, and Snape - and Remus' and Tonks' reactions on the side since it's their Afterlife wedding. And when I couldn't get anything there, it was Truth or Dare with SG-1 around the campfire, and Daniel's question to Jack STILL has both him AND me stumped. >.> And Sam? Well, Sam may be pissed or mortified: I haven't come to a decision.

It's not fun to be stumped all night! And frustrated. I mean, I was working with most of my brain shut down!! That's not even fair!

This is just... not right! I'm okay with my vivid nightmarish dreams that I consiously alter and turn into stories later. This, though? Literally writing in my sleep while I am completely unconsious?? Faaaaaaar too creepy. 
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I'm at Barnes and Noble this morning, and it smells sooooooo good in here. They've been baking chocolate chip cookies downstairs in the bakery: the oh-so-tastey smell is entwining with the scents of brewed coffee and new books to create a glorious aroma! ^____^ *breathes deeply* I wish I could stay here all day. Book stores excite me. ^^ 

I'm feeling better today after yesterday; many thanks to those of you that commented, because it really helped to talk about it. :) I'm driving again today; I'm a bit nervous and overly cautious (I stare at the traffic lights now, misbelieving....) but I should be fine. Just gotta push on and move along. ^_^

So this weekend, including today, I have to finish Ali's smuty-limey birthday fic, finish my Meta horror fic, and we're putting up the Halloween decorations. The Harry Potter Halloween decorations. ^_^

I think I forgot to mention that we changed the scene. The original Potter House idea was too sparse; there wasn't enough we could do with it to create an actual scene. Plus, something that was bothering me was the thought that maybe all the kiddies would not have read the Deathly Hallows yet. We've changed the scene to the Graveyard in the Goblet of Fire. =D

We have Voldemort already - Terri's gonna edit his features, and then I'm gonna wire his eyes to glow red and extend his pole so he's taller. We have to pick up a cauldron, rat, and snake - aka, THE cauldron, Wormtail, and Nagini - from Party City. There will be grave stones scattered around our yard, but we're NOT doing the huge Riddle gravestone because that's a little more detailed than we want to go, and Harry's not gonna be there, anyway. In the trees, we'll be doing some massive webbing just to add a Halloween-ish effect: glowing spiders, maybe some bats, and the like. Maybe an owl if we can find one. Still looking for a small fence - even 1 or 2 feet high will do. It just needs to be sanctioned off; if worst comes to worst, I'll buy a couple wooden poles to shove in the ground and make a simple string/wire fence myself.

We already have the fog machine, and I'm working on assembling the music. We have the OOtP soundtrack now, and a couple of those may work for my intents. Does anyone happen to have Something Wicked This Way Comes? We don't have the POA soundtrack...

I'm thinking about calling out on Halloween; I may or may not talk to my manager about it first, though. - Maybe I can get off early or something.

Anyway, once all the decorations are up, we'll stand back and see what else we can do. We will need to get some sort of flood light to place in front of the cauldron and Voldie... Just.. nowhere near as bright. Anyone have any suggestions??

News Flash

Jun. 19th, 2007 02:47 pm
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Chapter 6: The Secrets of Justin Gaither is up. - Or the first two parts are, which constitute 36 pages or over 16,000 words. The full chapter is over 22,000 -  47 pages. I severely miscalculated how small my handwriting is...

At the moment, I'm holding onto Part 3 partly because I'm trying to shrink it, but also because I'm fixing to be kicked off the compy, I think, and I won't be able to format it properly - if I can even get it to post. I'd REALLY like it to fit in two parts, though. But considering that I can only squeeze in 19 pages per post, I don't think it's possible...

Please heed the Mature Content Warning on the chapter; I know none of y'all are under 17, but I don't want anyone surprised or feeling unprepared for what's in it. Before anyone asks, the explanation for what Wolfe does is simply that he's sadistic; when I received no word on what anyone thought of it in a previous post only a couple of you could see, I did prepare a separate less...weird...version of the scene, but I ultimately decided to stay true to his character. Don't beat me if you don't like it; I did ask for assistance.

Chapter 7: Snow Fight and Chapter 8: Rescue are both already written. Chapter 7 isn't quite so long as Chapter 6 or 8, but Chapter 8 may compete with 6's length.

I'll also be re-arranging the [profile] namelessagency's layout; the whole text issue with that thing is driving me nuts.

Off to get the Bubber from his sectional; here's hoping I'm able to get back on when I return.

- Oh, and if anyone's wondering why it's taken me so long to type this stuff....... I confess to beinging newly obsessed with Gundam Seed. XD WOOOT! PHASE 38!! ^________________^
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I'm in the midst of a creative overdrive; I hate these. >.>

At the moment, I am torn between writing the following: Chapters of The Man, Chapter 2 of Mystery Letters & Tea, C:JAM, The Adventures of Lenny & Brian, an action/adventure HP fic, The Zeith, Political Essays, - My Brother Is a Pacifist, Out of Touch & Losing Ground, The Futility of Debate, The Necessity of Debate, The Christain's Political Duties, Death By Judicial Fiat, Republican Front-Runners, Strangling Free Speech, The Arrogance of the World, and various untitled others - Religious Essays - Faith Without Works is Dead, Jesus Christ Did Not Have 1,000 Bodies, and Standing for the Right - a Historical Essay - North vs South: It Wasn't All About the Black Man - and research papers on Jane Austen, Emily Dickenson, Walter Whitman, and TS Elliot.

Yes, I really, really want to write those research papers.

In an attempt to satiate my multiple desires, I'm writing about writing; perhaps talking about what I want to do will help me settle down and actually be able to write something. Ahh, yes... It is sort of like an essay. It lacks a proper introduction and conclusion, though. ^^;

Is writing, as all-consuming as it is, a selfish thing to do? Regardless of what writers of all sorts contribute to every society, on a personal, writer-by-writer basis, is it selfish?

I guess I'll tell y'all later if this helped or not... I think it did; I'm having a significant leaning towards only three, now. ^_^
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Despite warnings of painful cortizone shots and sugery if I don't follow my doctor's orders about using my arm too much, here I am. ^^;;;;

Last night, I told my mom about fanfiction. This included the definition of as well as revealing that I participate in it, etc etc.

Up until this point, all she knew that I wrote were original stories. Of course, she wanted to know which fandoms I participated in, and though she loves Gundam Wing, she was unconcerned with it. Harry Potter, however...

Well, she grilled me for information about the books, what's to happen in the seventh book, what is and isn't included in the Order of the Phoenix movie, and tried to get out of me what I write specifically about in HP. I refused to tell her, but only because she's only read through the eighth chapter of HBP; I can't tell her about R/T!! O.O That would ruin it! ^^ I do know that she won't like it; she'll be all, "Okayyyyy.... That was random." <.< At which point, I'll crack out OOtP and say, "No, it's not! Look!! There are clues!! =D" And she'll guess that R/T is what I'm into as far as fanfiction goes. ^^;;

This all began because she wanted to watch a movie together which I insisted was boring and suggested reading HBP together instead. After much debate on her end, we did read, each with our copies of HBP - her's hard cover and mine paperback, - and I found out that once I can get past my jaw hurting from talking a lot as in reading or speach-making, I read aloud rather well. - Reading aloud is something I've been meaning to practice on, seeing as how I want to be an English teacher and should be adept at doing so. TMJ has always been a curse, but.... >.> Well, how aggitating that it's not something I can actually fix or work on. =/

ANYway, I made quite a few discoveries in my third re-reading of HBP - or in which chapters I read last night. The main two are these:

First, a re-re-discovered interlude between Remus and Tonks at least partially viewed by Hermione:

From HBP Ch. 5 An Excess of Phlegm, pg 95 American Paperback

"That's not the point," said Hermione. "She thinks it was her fault he died!"

"How does she work that one out?" asked Harry, in spite of himself.

"Well, she was fighting Bellatrix Lestrange, wasn't she? I think she feels that if only she had finished her off, Bellatrix couldn't have killed Sirius."

"That's stupid," said Ron.

"It's survivor's guilt," said Hermione. "I know Lupin's tried to talk her round, but she's still really down. She's actually having trouble with her Metamorphosing!"

This excites me greatly though regrettably spawns plot bunnies. O_o;; I've no more time for extra plot bunnies; my hands are full! :( Ahh well... something to think about. ^^

And secondly, a mistake between the hardcover and paperback copies! O.O

From HBP Ch. 5 An Excess of Phlegm, pg 103 American Paperback

"Oh, come off it," said Ron, striding over to her and whipping her results out of her hand. "Yep -- nine 'Oustandings' and one 'Exceeds Expectations' at Defense Against the Dark Arts."

Now when I re-read HBP the first time, I was confused about Hermione's OWLs; I'd remembered her having eleven, not ten, but I'd relented to what the page said there. If I'm not mistaken, Hermione's OWL scores are re-mentioned sometime later on - Ron or someone pointing out just how many she had - but I don't remember if the paperback said 10 or 11 there.

Anyway, the hardback edition, which is the one I read the first time around, has written in the same paragraph "...ten 'Oustandings' and one 'Exceeds Expectations'..." It was pointed out to me by my mom; I was in the midst of reading, and she said, "Ten," to which I replied, "Nine." She said again, "Ten," and thus we compared.

O.o I know that the printing is different for the copies, page and text sizes taken into account, but I didn't think they changed anything in the text. Is anyone else as curious as I am about finding out how that happened or why?? And further, if there are any more typos?? And could I have simply gone to the HP Lexicon to find out the information?

Well, moving out of HP and into more discoveries, today I am getting the x-rays of my lower back and hips. I was supposed to get them yesterday, but...for some reason we never left the house??? Such things severely annoy me, and not at all because I'm the one getting x-rayed. But yeah. That's today. Yay! I'm finally going to find out what's wrong with me. - Or maybe more of what's not wrong with me... O.o Depends on what the pics reveal. Which I'm hoping that it's something visible on those x-rays because if it's not.... Well, back to the drawing board.

ETA: Oh, and by the way.... I finished Chapter 6. I've quite a lot to type up, not just contained to Gaither Tech, but I will work on getting it posted asap, I promise. ;)
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I am having the hardest time staying focused on any one thing; I'm not excited. I think I'm just exhausted. I'm stuttering quite a lot, which only happens when I'm tired, and I've a bad headache... I'm not feeling to tired; just...bored, entertained, and ready to burst all at the same time. Maybe I'm excited about only 2 more days left working here and 2 days til I see my parents and little sis...

Anyway, since I can't keep focused, I'll just do bullet points about today, in which a lot happened. They won't be in chronological order, I'm sure...

- Minni got sick today!! She had a sore throat and headache; my mother and I deduced this from her reactions to things. Extremely lethargic, never saying a peep even to things such as, "GET THE MOUSE, MINNI! BIRDS!!! OUTSIDE!!" she wasn't eating even though she was obviously hungry. So I told my mom to give her a popsicle, my reasoning being to find out if she was spitting ham and banana out - her favorites - because of a tummy ache or a sore throat. She loved it, though had a hard time swollowing. And she refused to chew anything. They went to the vet; she got two shots and a "call me in the morning" from the doc. Seems to be doing better; she ate some ham! And even talked to me on the phone! ^_^

- Woke up this morning worse than I'd ever anticipated. Seeing as how I inched centimetered along everywhere today, I'm not sure how I actually made it anywhere.

- I watched 24 today on the compy and taped the new episode. But during 24, entertaining as it was, I kept pausing it so I could read a certain Chapter 5 of Caring for Magical Creatures by [personal profile] mrstater(<-- Shameless Plug) Which I would stop in the middle of reading to go back to 24. It was quite a vicious circle, both vying valiantly for my attention; took me 2 hours to get through it all. Because I got a real hankering for a turkey sandwich in the middle of it all, and hob-along-me took forever to realize there was NO MAYONNAISE. So sad. ;_; I tried to review, but... well, I remembered about finishing Chapter 6 and suddenly became interested in finishing C:JAM. Which lead to thoughts of writing Asylum, which is squeefully centric on AxS, and that got me thinking about plotting a new R/T ficlet. Because I'd just read some good R/T. And Jack loves Audrey, though I'm not sure how that configured in the whole convoluted mess... I decided to save myself while I was ahead and wrote nothing. 

- Things are incredibly tense in our apartment; the whole dishes issue blew up today. Confrontation may or may not be in the near future; I think the roomies are too chicken to do anything after everything we've put up with from them. Not to mention I think I've over-proven myself to them in confrontational issues... *cough cough* <.< Yeahhhhhhhh....

- I used a wheelchair today!! XD It was fun. Far too much fun, some would say. ^^ However, my arms are too short and I temporarily bruised the insides of my upper arms wheeling myself around. O.o Not. fair. >.> I'm 21, and I need a booster seat!! _-_

- This thing is SO much fun!! XD It has SONIC THE HEDGEHOG ON IT!! And Zelda! And Mario Bros!! *Jams* Plus the back music for some pretty cool radio songs! ^^

I think that's it... Yeah. Supposed to be getting crutches tomorrow from a friend at work; very excited about that since I'll be able to move more freely, though I'm not looking forward to the inevitable soreness of my underarms.

Hmm. My head hurts. And I'm thirsty. Think I'll go to bed. ... Maybe... >.> feel like reading...and writing...
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Ja... I totally fell asleep 30 minutes after my writing break last night. ^^;; (I did write yesterday. =P) I was supposed to write for another 2 hours, but I didn't make it that far. XD 

The funny thing was that three people kept popping up in my (completely random chain of events) dream: Ali, Cali, and Morri. XDXD 

The Spirit of Morri and Chapters Present... )
The Spirit of Ali and Chapters Yet to Come... )
The Spirit of Cali and Chapters ... in Progress. XD )

Anyway, I forgot that yesterday was Thursday which makes today Friday, May 4th. This is important because today is Allison's birthday, and I'm like...her big helper in her whole dinner and SPIDERMAN 3 movie tonight. ^^ 

Basically, I'm about 4 hours behind schedule, where I should have been posting the chapter right about now. I've got about 2 1/2 hours before I have to do anything else, so we'll see how far I get. I was working faster than I anticipated last night... ;)

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What would y'all say to the posting of Chapter 6 tonight? 

It's a possibility, though I'm not sure how probable... It depends on how easily this last part comes: a gigantic action sequence which will be longer than Chapter 4....but have nothing on Chapter 7. XD I also have the odd scene between Wicked and Wolfe to complete, which I'm fixing to start work on that as soon as I finish posting this, and possibly after Ter and I head over to Chick-Fil-A. I've got about 2/3rds of the chapter finished; I've re-written 98% of everything I lost in the Passing of my Jump Drive. Now it's just the last gigantic action scene. :) - And yes, Morri, I think the second time around, it came out better.

But until I finish it, either posting tonight or some time tomorrow afternoon, here's a long teaser to hold y'all over. It starts in Anderson's office, by the way, and earlier, the secretary receptionist on the ground floor couldn't get a hold of Gaither to inform them of their "FBI" undercover presence. Only Artemis and Circe are in this scene.

Many thanks to System of a Down and Disturbed for making this part a lot more creepy than I'd ever intended. - Oh, and by the way, just so y'all know, Chapter 6 has a Mature Content Warning on it. ^^;;;;;;;

ETA: Oh yeah... And I haven't done my word-by-word edit yet. >.> Yeahhhhhh... Y'all can see how many times I reuse the same words within paragraphs and even sentences!! How embarrassing...


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