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I feel like I've been so serious lately. In my defense, I'm only following trends! ... >.>

Anyway. This is about the Rush Limbaugh slut thing that's been plastered across every corner of the internet. Sort of. Mostly it's about hypocrisy. I'm fed up with it.

Short 2:30 Youtube video documenting liberal misogynist vulgarities )

So Bill Maher (and other leftists) call Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, Hillary Clinton, and other women SLUTS, TW*TS, C*NTS, and hosts of other vulgar terms because they're women, and that's perfectly acceptable. He demeans their families; takes shots at Palin's baby because he has Down's Syndrome. David Letterman went so far as to cheer an imaginary rape of Willow/Bristol Palin in a "joke." Don't forget the time Jerry Brown out in California called Meg Whitman a whore because she was running against him! And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

There's no outcry from the left; there NEVER has been! All there's EVER been are cheers or excuses! As long as it's a LIBERAL man engaging in misogyny, well, there's not a single thing wrong with that! Yet Rush Limbaugh utters one horrible term and the left utterly EXPLODES in outrage! - Oh yes, he was indeed wrong to say it, to extrapolate the idea and dig the hole deeper, and I'm glad he apologized. But where is the equality here?! - Bill Maher, longtime sexist potty mouth, donated $1,000,000 to President Obama's super PAC. And Obama, who has JUST stated that he, especially when considering his daughters and the world he wants them to grow up in, supposedly wants to lead by example on the issue of civility, has he taken a stand for women by rejecting those funds? No. He has not.

Indeed, lefties delight in Maher and Ed Schultz and David Letterman et all when they make these remarks. Why? Because the comments are about conservative women, who apparently aren't actually women according to the left. They deserve those comments; it's different because it's "true;" they should get back in the kitchen where they belong rather than opening their fat mouths. On and on go the excuses of the left; I've been told so many of them I've lost count: not only does the left ignore these vulgarities, but they but openly applaud them.

Is this a new issue? No. It's actually an old one. A very old issue. One that frankly enrages me. I don't go on rants very often anymore, but I've always thought that there were some things that were just beyond politics, that some things we could all agree upon considering we're all supposedly after the same thing: equality for women.

Lefties on my flist/in my circle and you random folks who PM me for my political posts: I am every bit as much a woman as you are, as Miss Fluke is. Are you telling me that conservative women like me deserve these comments? That standing by and allowing/supporting these comments to be said of one group of women somehow furthers the cause that your side supposedly is fighting for? What is that cause, anyway? Is it that all women should be treated equally or just that liberal women only should be treated equally?

Yes, I'm calling you out. This is asinine! Here we are the day after International Women's Day, in a month dedicated to Women's History, and this kind of hypocrisy still abounds! A woman's political beliefs should in NO way whatsoever determine what sort of rights, protections, or discourse she has to face! WOMEN HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO BE CONSERVATIVES AND SHOULD NOT BE CALLED FILTHY NAMES JUST BECAUSE OF THAT CHOICE! What on EARTH kind of "equal rights" are you lefties fighting for? What brand of feminism is this?!

Either stand against it ALL as you should, or woman up to the fact that it is PURELY political and stop propagating the myth that this is about equality for women.
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I have this thing about not posting more than twice a day, so I didn't put it up yesterday. Jacked from [personal profile] spockside and other LJ buddies. (You know what's creepy? I just remembered my dream. While I completely forgot about the Florida primary, my subconscious did not. I dreamt that Newt won against all odds. O_o I was watching CNN and Wolf Blitzer of all places for coverage. So. WEIRD!)

I'm running a test to see who's reading my posts. So, if you read this, leave me a one-word comment about your day that starts with the third letter of your LJ USERNAME. Only one word please. Then repost so I can leave a word for you. Don't just post a word and not copy - that's not as much fun!
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Two words: SARAH PALIN!

Lol! Every time they say she's insignificant, she proves them dead wrong! XD
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After all the LJ entries, Facebook links, forum posts and articles, and Youtube videos that explain dire consequences of what would and could happen to you and I should this bill pass, (actually, these bills), I decided that I needed to know more. They're pretty scary claims, ranging from Uncle Sam and Big Hollywood/Record Labels unilaterally blasting sites off the internet for tiny infractions to individual users facing felony charges and being fined and jailed for Youtube fanvideos and violating a site's TOS.

The question is, are they actually true? Should we really be panicking?

As a conservative, my knee-jerk reaction is to believe whatever the government is doing is bad, so I have to work against that bias. After researching the bill further, I don't think that's quite the case, but I have to admit that I do still have reservations about it. After all, good intentions often pave the road to destruction.

If this is a bill you're concerned about, I'd suggest reading at least the links provided below, if not my commentary that accompanies them. I am just some chick on the internet, after all.

For me, this is a topic of legislation I've followed off and on, pretty much just whenever it gets into the news. I have read the bills in addition to articles, both for and against the legislation. My intention with this post is not to sway you one way or another: just to help those of you concerned find out the facts of the bills.

You keep saying bills. How many are there? )

Are there any differences between them? )

So Jacks, what's the big deal? What are these bills about? )

Will Uncle Sam and Big Hollywood/Record Labels be able to nuke websites they don't like unilaterally? )

Does the bill result in attacking fans like me who like to watch/make fanvids, make covers of my favorite songs, or even write fanfic? )

So overall Jacks, do you support the bill? )

Below are a very few of the articles I read. I uh… lost the document that had all my other sources. Epic fail? Yes. >.> <--An article AGAINST the bill

The Senate Protect IP Act

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I'm on meds that cause insomnia, and there was a debate: Y'all knew this had to be coming, right? ;)

Most of the political junkies I follow were disappointed by the questions asked, but I thought that for a debate as early as this one, they were great. Yeah, "It's the economy, stupid," but people are still getting to know the candidates. I thought the majority of questions asked were well-diversified and well-thought-out, giving us a rounded look at the candidates. It was an enjoyable two hours, and I especially loved that the moderators allowed for some actual debate to take place.

Truthfully, this early into things and with our attention spans, little snippets are all we can handle. But I do look forward to the next Fox-hosted debate. I expect the questions then will be more relevant to pressing issues rather than the entertaining smorgasbord we had tonight.

Brief impressions of the candidates in the debate below! If you haven't seen the debate, I suggest popcorn, nachos, and Dr. Pepper: you'll need it!

Hmmm... Newt/Paul 2012? )

If I had to choose a winner of this debate... I'd say it was either Gingrich or Paul. But Newt was PMSing, and Paul still has that tendency to go on just-shy-of-crazed ramble sessions. It's like for both of them, their minds go so much farther than just the question they were asked.

I think we need someone as radical as one of those two to bring us from the brink we face now. Newt worries me on the global warming thing, but I also can't imagine him ever doing something so destructive as Cap & Trade. Paul worries me about being too radical too fast: he embodies much of the destination, but is he capable of making the journey? So maybe together they would balance each other out? Or would it be like going, in Star Trek speak, from Warp 9 to Full Stop without the Inertial Dampeners?

I dunno. I'm still very skeptical at this point of everyone.

Both would totally school Obama in a debate, though. I'd SO pay to see that!
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The asthma's gone!

Well, not gone, but definitely lessened significantly. Also, physical therapy was far less painful today: thank you prednisone! :D

I finally get to go to work today. I'm sure I'll be wondering later on why I'm excited about this: I'll try to keep my boredom over the past 1.5 weeks in perspective.

Obviously, as a registered representative in the financial sector, I'll be dealing with a lot of Debt Downgrade talk today, and I have a quick question for y'all if you'd be so kind to fill it out. I'm ONLY looking for a general measurement of perception - what you've heard or haven't and how you feel about it. I know the vast majority of y'all don't dabble into politics as much as I do, which is why I'm asking y'all.

Namely for work purposes, I'm just curious about the general feeling out there based on news coverage out of curiosity's sake.

[Poll #1768116]

Y'all probably have a good idea of what my opinion is, but that may be because I'm so entrenched in watching this stuff play out. :) People will be asking me a lot of questions today about it, so this kind of random information - poll posted in a few places, btw - will help me gain some more generic perspective. So THANK YOU if you answer the poll. If you'd like to comment in more detail, feel free; y'all should know that I will NOT bite your heads off. ;)

I've recently become more involved in Facebook: did you know it's MUCH easier to keep track of from your iPhone/Android? I still much prefer LJ - and all y'all on my friends list - to Facebook, but it has kept me midly entertained. I've been playing a lot of Words with Friends, and apparently I'm pretty good at it. Either that, or I just have REALLY good luck. lol
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I'm going to admit right off the top here that it was around 4:00AM when I had this crack thought. Minni woke me to do her puppy business while I was in the middle of some crazy dream about extreme budgeting, (...yeah. I don't even know.), and I was not too pleased.

So pretty much everyone agrees that this "Form a Committee" deal in Washington is crap, and ultimately the whole Debt Ceiling song and dance for the last month turned up a giant turd in the end. Right? Right. The Committee will be as pathetic as any other that exists currently.

Well, what if We the people formed a committee of our own? Rather various committees that would submit their own proposals to THE Committee. This plays off the divide felt between Washington and us citizens, most of whom feel un-represented. (And yet we vote for these losers. Oy.) The thought became ridiculously more elaborate when I shared the cracktastic idea with Sissy.

What if we held an entire separate election to create these new Committees? So essentially, we have an entirely separate body representing us on a smaller scale.

Now Congress would be a little alarmed in this case and protest, "But WE'RE you're committee!"

To which we would respond, "No... No, you're Washington's and Big Interests' committee. We put you there, but you represent them, not us."

And they would angrily point out, "Those people have no power!"

Which we would agree with. But then in a like manner of the President's ultimatum, we could say, "Yeah. But if you don't accept our committees' reccommendations, guess who's gonna have your power the next election."

XD Yeah, politi-nerds Sissy and I thought this was hilarious. It would never happen; it's a logistical nightmare. If it wasn't though... It wouldn't be a half bad idea, no? What other better way to get actual REPRESENTATIVES in office than to hold a grassroots "secret" election with no special interest influences?

I mean seriously. Regular people can compromise and agree FAR better on ACTUAL SOLUTIONS than these hypocrites in Washington!
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Should I resist? Oh yes. Yes, I probably should...

But hypocrisy is so delicious. Tangy and sweet, and with a heaping helping of irony, or possibly better described as karma, absolutely irresistible.

If it wasn't all 100% tongue-in-cheek, I would abstain. However, the left has definitely had this coming to them.

With regards to the military action in Libya...

President Obama, Nobel Peace Prize Winner, is a war criminal.
This is an unjust, undeclared illegal war.
President Obama is needlessly massacring innocent civilians.
This war is lost.
This action will only lead to more terrorists.
Libya had nothing to do with 9/11.
Hey MSM! I need those running death toll numbers...
It's a civil war! We have no place in it!
Why are we shoving our imperialist democratic ideals down their throats? They can't handle democracy!

Ridiculous, isn't it?

One last bit of macabre (at best) political humor: Since this administration has made it clear that it doesn't want to "let any crisis go to waste," a rather brilliant internet poster suggested that we order another $1 trillion worth of Tomahawk Missiles. Or really anything that will support the "Overseas Contingency Operation" in Libya.

You know. To stimulate the economy.

In all seriousness, I'm pretty sure I support the President's actions, delayed as they were and in the wake of France of all countries... Leader of the Free World, isn't he supposed to be? I'm admittedly not as well-informed about this particular situation due to hand constraints. (I feel abysmally out of the loop, to be honest.)

My understanding is that this is an entirely Libyan conflict, and so technically it should be handled by them. Except that the military was firing on the civilians? Even my possibly shifting views on foreign policy couldn't possibly allow me to believe we should do absolutely nothing.

So. Go President Obama, and the other nations involved as well. Prayers with the soldiers, their families, and especially Libyan people.
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I'm not one to ever cry at random things, but this story brought tears to my eyes:

Cancer-Stricken 10-yr-old Gets Wish: Joins Army

Last month, doctors told his family there was nothing more they could do, and gave Brennan just weeks to live.


Becky Prejean, who runs a charity for sick kids called Dreams Come True of Louisiana, heard about Brennan's illness, and got in touch with his mother, Kristy Daigle. Brennan's greatest wish, Daigle told Prejean, was to meet some soldiers in person, before his illness worsened. So the two women contacted the Fort Polk Community Relations Office, which put out a call for a few soldiers to attend Brennan's tenth birthday on Feb. 26.

Forty showed up.
I'd highly recommend reading the whole article; it's only a few hundred words long, and well, well worth it. :)


Separate from that amazing article, the story contained within this next one can't go without comment:

GOP Targets Student Voting Rights

Some GOP lawmakers in New Hampshire have billed the measures as an attempt to crack down on voter fraud in the state--but recent remarks from the newly elected GOP state House speaker have suggested otherwise.

In a recent speech to a tea party group in the state, House Speaker William O'Brien described college voters as "foolish." "Voting as a liberal. That's what kids do," he said, in remarks that were videotaped by a state Democratic Party staffer and posted on YouTube. Students, he said, lack "life experience" and "just vote their feelings."
Uhm. 'scuse me?

I would have boo'ed loudly if I was at that Tea Party and hoped my fellow young cons would join in.

This is one of my biggest peeves with the GOP, and the debates are NEVER pretty... )


Nov. 2nd, 2010 02:26 am
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It's here! It's finally here!

We have been counting down to this day since early last year, and it has finally arrived! I don't know that I'll actually get any sleep, I'm SOOOO excited!!

I have been running around excitedly keeping abreast of the developments as best I can! Did y'all SEE what Gallup said? 55% favor Reps vs 40% Dems!! Even in '94, it wasn't that big of a gap. This is HISTORIC! "Uncharted Territory!" No one know's what's gonna happen! XD

Seriously, a huge part of me is just completely nerding out right now. I used to go stir-crazy on Election Day when I was in school, so I take it off as vacation or skip (college) every year. I was even fascinated with the 2008 elections, despite that I knew we were going to lose big. Now there's this ridiculous wave that's never been seen before, AND conservatives are going to clean the liberals' clocks!! \o/

Places I'll be tonight:
A Post at [ profile] therightfangirl | Hannity Forums | | |

Not to mention switching frequently between Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN on the TV. - The latter two JUST to see their reactions. XD

Ahh... The dems' time has finally run out. This is what you get for shoving your leftist agenda down the American peoples' throats! EAT IT, DEMOCRATS! Mwahahaha!


I am counting down to Harry Reid's concession speech! XDDD
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I finished this two days ago: it's partially for my Texan friends, but mainly myself to have a central place to look over everything. Don't you hate it when Election Day arrives, and you see the ballot thinking you're so informed only to find out that you don't know who half of the people are, let alone what the races were about? You even may not have known everyone who was campaigning for a particular office. Well, I'm not waiting until a few hours before voting this year to find out!

There won't be any Districts - House or State Representatives - included here, or any Judicial positions, but the other major statewide positions are included below. (Most of the local ones have no opposition, anyway...) I have linked to their websites and included some brief commentary...

That said, I have been keeping track of a couple of Texas H.R. races Here -including the hottest one (TX-17)- and some of the other members of that comm have included other states, as well. Your race or a race you're curious about may be there or in the post preceding it, and I'm open to any requests to pick up a race for research. (I'm on staycation! I don't mind not having to play video games all day to entertain myself...)

Races Included: Governor | Lieutenant Governor | Attorney General | Comptroller | Commissioner of the General Land Office | Commissioner of Agriculture | Railroad Commissioner

Dude! There's an anarchist running?! And will I vote for a Democrat? )

The most irritating thing about these state elections is that candidates commonly state what they promise to do, but never explain how they'll do it. Believe me, I looked; I wanted details, and there are next to none. To that extent, it makes these elections, I think far more than the national elections, about the Party System more than what the candidates themselves believe or say.

Interesting about the Libertarian candidates, by the way. Aren't they always the ones harping on those of us who usually vote republican or democrat that we just rely on the "R's" and "D's" next to names? Yet TWO of them in these races didn't even supply a solitary shred of information about themselves for voters to read about their stances. Seems like relying on "LIB's" next to names to me... Even the Green Party candidates had a central website up!
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Day 16 - Whatever tickles your fancy
Uh... How about some discussion on the Republican's Weekly Online YouCut Program in their newly released Pledge to America?

To cut spending, Republicans say they are committed to canceling remaining expenditures from the 2009 stimulus law, return domestic appropriations to 2008 levels, impose "hard" budget caps on discretionary spending accounts, reduce spending for congressional operations, have weekly floor votes on winners of the "YouCut" program that allows citizens to vote online for programs that should be slashed, end the Troubled Asset Relief Program, end government control of the secondary home-mortgage lending giants Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, freeze federal hiring for non-security jobs, sunset programs after a certain number of years, and use more straightforward budgeting for entitlement programs.

LINK to Politico

Yeah, yeah, yeah. More politicians making promises, blah blah blah. I don't mind discussing the other pieces in here, but this whole YouCut Program is intriging. Am I the only person thinking... I dunno? American Idol for government?

We're not a democracy; we're a republic.

Yes, the representatives would vote on it, but vote on what exactly? An online poll that can easily be skewed? How much detail could a weekly online poll get into for actual cuts? It's just a cop out, in my opinion. We're looking for more accountability, not a way for the reps to come back and tell us, "Well, we asked you guys for the cuts, but they just wouldn't pass either of the houses. You guys need to be more specific."

Am I maybe just too cynical? I sincerely doubt it. I don't trust politicians one bit.

Day 17 - A talent of yours
I am the Speller 'round these parts. If you're around me at home, work, or anywhere in between, you'll hear someone call out, "Hey, Jackie! How do you spell __________?" Spell checker and dictionary not required.

Day 18 - A hobby of yours
I do some music stuff from time to time. I like to play things by ear, contemplate some musical theory elements behind pieces I listen to, or I'll just play old songs I know. I really need to get my saxophone fixed... It's got some loose pads that need to be reattached.
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In the likeness of our current President and messiah, I'd go on vacation. XD

J/K. I'd, through the newly-discovered-by-President-Obama legislative Executive Powers, (He transcends government and the Constitution!!), I'd put in place The Roadmap for America plan. - Considering, you know, Congress wouldn't have time to pass anything.

I'd erase Obama's signature on the Healthcare Bill, force the Senate to pass the Cap & Trade Bill so I could VETO it and thereby ensure it never passes, send troops to the Border, and screw over the EPA.

I would try to fire John McCain & Nancy Pelosi and ultimately fail. BUT everyone would know my desires!

I'd make Glenn Beck my Vice President, whose responsibility it would be to cut spending in half. Rush Limbaugh would become a Supreme Court Justice while Stu & Pat would be my joint Press Secretaries! Ann Coulter I would appoint to my Secretary of State, and George W. Bush would be my Secretary of Defense. XD Paul Ryan would be my Secretary of Treasury, and I'd place RonPaul! in charge of killing the Fed!

Sarah Palin I would make the Secretary of Education just to PO and FREAK OUT the Lefties! XDD

I'd establish a Center for Conservative Traditions headed by Sean Hannity, and Bill O'Reilly would get diddly squat!

Just for giggles, I'd divert all funds from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to build walls along our borders.

Lastly, I'd play that tone that only AlGore can hear...

This concludes today's episode of Lefties' Worst Nightmare!
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This collection is very much incomplete, but it might be a while before I can buy PS Elements 8 for my new laptop, and these guys have been done for a couple months. Suffice it to say that I have many more of these planned.

16 Progressive Heroes/Marxist Consequences - Holodomor, Mao, Che, Margaret Sanger
9 American Heroes/Founders Quotes - George Washington & James Madison
3 American Heroes - Rush Quotes


Caution: These might make liberal eyes bleed. Do you know your history? )
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Ter, Bubby, Kidd, and myself were caught up in the whole Comedy Central censoring issue that happened on Wednesday. Has anyone else been following the true-to-life Cartoon Wars that's been happening this week and last week with South Park?

Previously on South Park recap... )

So now we're onto last week, the episode called 200, appropriately as it was the 200th South Park show. The entire plot was centered around rehashing many of the great events, people, plotlines, etc that have brought the show this far. It of course would not be complete without Mohammed. This time, the Muslim prophet was *not* seen from inside a U-Haul and then inside a bear mascot outfit. Ending in a cliffhanger with the town of South Park hanging in the balance, fans were greatly anticipating episode 201.

Well, a few things happened:
1) A "not" death threat to the creators of South Park was posted via a website
2) When episode 201 aired on Wednesday night, Comedy Central altered the episode and censored all references to Mohammed. They also censored Kyle's speech at the end which was about intimidation and fear, essentially calling Comedy Central out as the coward it played.
3) 201 is still not available to be viewed on nor purchased on iTunes, Zune, Netflix, or any other similar service. Additionally, Super Best Friends has been stripped from the same services.

Posted on: 04.22.10

A Statement from Matt and Trey
In the 14 years we've been doing South Park we have never done a show that we couldn't stand behind. We delivered our version of the show to Comedy Central and they made a determination to alter the episode. It wasn't some meta-joke on our part. Comedy Central added the bleeps. In fact, Kyle's customary final speech was about intimidation and fear. It didn't mention Muhammad at all but it got bleeped too. We'll be back next week with a whole new show about something completely different and we'll see what happens to it.

I am so outraged! If SOUTH PARK can't go uncensored, who can?!

I was so excited about that episode, and I still can't see it! I haven't even bothered to look on youtube because I know they're taking it down as soon as it pops up!

What kind of generation of lame Americans are we?! Have we assumed that the Founders placed the Freedom of Speech FIRST for no reason? What kind of country do we live in where scum like that website owner can manipulate our laws to spread literal hate - not the drummed up fantasies of lefties just begging for a violent event from the Tea Parties - and openly "not" call for the murders of American citizens, but an American corporation that makes its business taking full advantage of our free speech shakes in its boots and cowers to their threats? What kind of country?!

South Park has said and illustrated many a thing that I don't agree with or like or even watch. But NO ONE is safe, and that's why I love it. Everyone is up for grabs to be ridiculed and mocked. They're equal opportunity that way. If we stand by and allow a particular group of people to dictate to us what we can and cannot say or illustrate or write or express in any manner, how do we call ourselves Americans?

I'd like to see the Left's outrage on this. Seriously. Can we at LEAST unite on this ONE, BASIC and ESSENTIAL fundamental American right?

Note: I am not stating that rights have been taken away, but pride and integrity? Backbone? Yeah. We're pretty much a loser nation right now. - Rather the likes of Commedy Central are making us that way.


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